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In this series of super-casual chats, members of the digital advertising community get into how the current situation is affecting their personal and professional lives, and what they’re doing to stay creative, active, and interested. Hopefully, we can provide a palliative to the pandemic.

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Social Distancing With Friends: Centro CEO Shawn Riegsecker

When Centro CEO Shawn Riegsecker isn’t working until the wee hours or messing around with his new VR headset, he’s pondering why the ad industry doesn’t seem to understand that the future of digital media isn’t about coming up with workarounds – it’s about understanding where the groundswell of support for consumer privacy is actually coming from.

Social Distancing With Friends: AppLovin Director Of Media Buying Jerome Turnbull

When Jerome Turnbull, AppLovin’s director of media buying, isn’t hanging out with his pet chinchilla or tending an aquarium populated by blue velvet shrimp – a new hobby he acquired during the pandemic to bring a little more zen into his life – he’s contemplating the major changes coming down the pike with iOS 14 in September.

Social Distancing With Friends: HBO Digital Marketing VP Emily Giannusa

When Emily Giannusa watches television or streams something, it’s research. As VP of digital marketing at HBO, Emily has worked on campaigns for Game of Thrones, Westworld, True Detective, Veep and, most recently, Euphoria, an Emmy-nominated series for a Gen Z audience.

Social Distancing With Friends: UM Chief Digital Officer Joshua Lowcock

Joshua Lowcock, chief digital officer at UM and global brand safety officer at IPG Mediabrands, talks with AdExchanger about the Facebook ad boycott, misinformation in the run-up to the 2020 election and brand safety in the age of coronavirus.

Social Distancing With Friends: Xaxis Global CEO Nicolas Bidon

Xaxis Global CEO Nicolas Bidon dials in from his home in South London to share insights on the growing importance of measuring outcomes, the flexibility of programmatic, the adaptability creative – and the hobbies he picked up in quarantine to keep sane.

Social Distancing With Friends: Fyllo Chief Data Officer Nicole Cosby

Nicole Cosby, chief data and compliance officer at cannabis ad compliance platform Fyllo, on the many challenges facing endemic cannabis brands; the rise in cannabis ad demand during COVID-19; and why publishers are starting to get more comfortable with cannabis advertising. Also: Nicole shares her favorite stoner movie. (Hint: She’s a huge Dave Chappelle fan.)

Social Distancing With Friends: TripleLift Chief Privacy Officer Julia Shullman

Being an ad tech lawyer these days means there’s plenty to do, between CCPA and the advancing drumbeat of privacy. TripleLift Chief Privacy Officer Julia Shullman weighs in on the Google antitrust case and how ad tech companies be working with their legal teams in a privacy-focused future.

Social Distancing With Friends: King Athur Baking Company Marketing VP Bill Tine

The 230-year-old King Arthur Baking Company is embracing unprecedented demand as baking spikes during the pandemic. Marketing VP Bill Tine talks about creating stronger customer relationships, expanding its online sales during this surge and his hobby of baking chocolate cookies, pizzas and breads.

Social Distancing With Friends: Meredith SVP Of Data Nicole Lesko

Nicole Lesko, Meredith’s SVP of data, ad platforms and monetization has been encouraged by a rise in RFPs and soaring demand in June, a sign that advertiser are returning to digital advertising even as the pandemic is on the rise. In this episode, she’ll get into the advertiser trends that are currently affecting the publisher community.

Social Distancing With Friends: Jellyfish CEO Rob Pierre

Digital agency Jellyfish is marching on toward global expansion, despite the global pandemic. In this episode, CEO Rob Pierre talks to AdExchanger about the agency’s acquisition plans and how it manages client spend across a the evermore powerful walled gardens.

Social Distancing With Friends: Adobe Advertising Cloud VP and GM Keith Eadie

Keith Eadie, VP and GM of Adobe Advertising Cloud and head of product for Adobe Analytics, reports in from his garage, aka, his home office. Keith shares why Adobe Advertising Cloud is pulling out of programmatic TV, why incrementality is starting to pick up steam and tips for weathering a crisis from his days as a consultant with Boston Consulting Group during the Great Recession.

Social Distancing With Friends: Del Monte CMO Elana Gold

In March, Elana Gold took over the chief marketer role at Del Monte Fresh, one of the largest US fruit and produce companies, with big plans to promote whole new product lines, including a sweeter pineapple and a crispier version of lettuce. Since the pandemic hit, Del Monte opened its first-ever retail location in Dallas and has vertically integrated its farming and factory operations with direct-to-consumer sales.

Social Distancing With Friends: Snopes COO Vinny Green

Snopes COO Vinny Green talks about how the company is leaning more into reader revenue as it builds up its brand as the go-to place for debunking the fake news that swirls on social media.

Social Distancing With Friends: Bond & Play CEO & Founder Imari Oliver

Esports evangelist Imari Oliver, CEO and founder of consultancy Bond & Play, on why gaming needs to be more than just “a box that you check,” what agencies need to consider as part of their diversity initiatives, and why brand that get into gaming can’t just be doing it to meet KPIs.

Social Distancing With Friends: Matt Prohaska

From his home in Fairfield, Conn., Matt Prohaska, who leads one of the industry’s most well-known programmatic consultancies, talks about how publishers and the buy side are accessing talent in this pandemic era and offers career advice for those out of work or in transition.

Social Distancing With Friends: TripAdvisor Global Advertising VP Christine Maguire

Travel is one of the most heavily impacted industries during the pandemic – and heading up a team in that sector right now isn’t easy. TripAdvisor VP of global advertising Christine Maguire talks about leading with empathy as the travel business slowed to a halt during COVID-19.

Social Distancing With Friends: PubMatic CEO Rajeev Goel

How does a CEO think long term during a pandemic? PubMatic CEO Rajeev Goel shares why he hired through the downturn, his bullishness on the internet opportunity and what he’s doing to support diversity.

Social Distancing With Friends: Disney EVP Lisa Valentino

Lisa Valentino, EVP of Disney’s client and brand solutions team, digs into the quick adjustments she’s had to make with the world in constant upheaval. What initial adjustments did she have to make when the pandemic hit? How have Disney’s advertiser clients responded to the recent social unrest? And how has she rethought diversity in the workplace?

Social Distancing With Friends: Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba

Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba on America’s phased reopening, the need for a brand-by-brand and region-by-region marketing strategy and the evolution of native advertising.

Social Distancing With Friends: NBCU Ad Sales President Mark Marshall

In March, NBCUniversal had “fortunately and unfortunately” just finished a recession-based ad sales deck, to pitch advertisers on strategies that worked during previous downturns, in case the economy did turn south this year, said Mark Marshall, president of advertising sales and client partnerships. But there could be no forecasting the actual changes to the broadcast industry so far this year.

Social Distancing With Friends: BidSwitch GM Barry Adams

Barry Adams, general manager of BidSwitch, lived abroad for 20 years, in China, Hong Kong and most recently London – until the end of January this year, when he got married and moved to New York City. A self-described bear and pessimist about a quick coronavirus recovery, Barry gets into how ad tech companies and their clients are forecasting potential spend and revenue, at a time when people don’t know what the next month or two will hold.

Social Distancing With Friends: Havas Media Chief Data Officer Peter Sedlarcik

Havas Media Chief Data Officer Peter Sedlarcik is helping clients manage the economic downturn, a health crisis and a nationwide racial equality movement. He’s turning to the data to help clients measure ROI and branding impact while preparing for a cookieless world. And he’s listening to spa music while he does it to stay calm.

Social Distancing With Friends: WFA Global Diversity Ambassador Belinda Smith

Marketer and diversity ambassador Belinda Smith talks about her personal experiences with systemic racism and how brands can put action behind their words of support for black and marginalized communities.

Social Distancing With Friends: VMLY&R CEO Jon Cook

VMLY&R CEO Jon Cook is helping clients elevate their brand experiences and keep their relevance high as the pandemic reshapes consumer habits and forces the two functions closer together. He’s also tentatively venturing out into the newly reopened Kansas City where he lives, and is learning to play the piano in the free time he now without business travel.

Social Distancing With Friends: Tru Optik CEO Andre Swanston

Tru Optik CEO and co-founder Andre Swanston distributed a letter to his team and shareholders about his intensely personal reaction following the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests. “The first time I was dragged out of a car at gunpoint and handcuffed, I was only seventeen years old,” he writes. “It happened twice more in my twenties, and most recently, just five years ago as the thirty-four-year-old CEO of Tru Optik.” In this episode, Andre talks about how he processed those moments as they were happening, what he wishes he would have done differently, and why he believes that this time, finally, the ongoing protests will bring about systemic change.

Social Distancing With Friends: Instagram Business & Media VP Jim Squires

Jim Squires, VP of business and media at Instagram, dives into what Facebook and Instagram are doing to help small businesses through the pandemic and goes deep on Instagram’s unique approach to ecommerce. Also in this episode: Jim’s favorite GIF and his grilling war stories (the family dog has a taste for burgers).

Social Distancing With Friends: Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan

Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan reflects on what he does to take care of himself and be productive during trying times. “If you don’t take care of yourself, it’s hard to take care of others,” he says. Also, what changes will 5G bring to the way people consume media?

Social Distancing With Friends: Bacardi CMO John Burke

Bacardi CMO John Burke’s challenge right now is to figure out how to bring people together to relax and enjoy a drink … when people can’t gather together or, seemingly, relax. There are opportunities to reach consumers and be a part of social engagement, John said. “Instead of going out to a bar, maybe you pour yourself a drink and jump on a Zoom call.”

Social Distancing With Friends: Vox Media CRO Ryan Pauley

Vox Media Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Pauley, riding out the pandemic in Brooklyn, talks about the different stages advertisers have gone through during this pandemic. He also addresses Vox Media’s own cuts and challenges during the pandemic, how he feels about coronavirus keyword blocking, and why he hasn’t stopped thinking about the value of publisher first-party data.

Social Distancing With Friends: WarnerMedia EVP Joe Hogan

WarnerMedia’s EVP of sales and marketing, Joe Hogan, is leading the network through a remote (and delayed) upfront, drumming up interest in the company’s data-driven offerings without live sports or new pilots to sell. He’s also gearing up for the launch of WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max, which will have an ad-supported tier next year.

Social Distancing With Friends: Verizon Visible CMO Minjae Ormes

Minjae Ormes, CMO of the Verizon mobile cell service Visible, is accustomed to the challenge of demonstrating something like true ROI. On top of that, nowadays brands are trying to be relevant but not tone-deaf, or figuring out whether idealistic, almost PSA-style advertising makes sense as a business.

Social Distancing – And Meditating – With Friends: Polar CEO Kunal Gupta

In honor of Mental Health month, we did something a little different in this episode. Following a brief discussion about mindfulness, the second half is a guided meditation session led by Kunal Gupta who, in addition to being CEO and founder of Polar, is also a passionate proponent and teacher of mindfulness techniques.

Social Distancing With Friends: Eyeo CEO Till Faida

Eyeo GmbH, the German tech company that owns the popular ad blocker Adblock Plus, has navigated a tricky course, as the world’s largest ad blocker and, more recently, as an advertising platform in its own right. CEO Till Faida talks about the state of ad blocking today, and his company’s newer efforts to integrate with the true audience gatekeepers; browsers and mobile device manufacturers.

Social Distancing With Friends: BrightLine Co-Founder And Chief Strategy Officer Rob Aksman

Rob Aksman, co-founder and chief strategy officer of BrightLine digs into the future of TV advertising, why the pace of change in that space has been so damned slow and the lessons he’d give his younger self if he could travel back in time 17 years to when his company was founded.

Social Distancing With Friends: Google’s Tara Walpert Levy

Google’s Tara Walpert Levy, who heads up Google’s agency and brand solutions business, talks about the moves advertisers are making in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In many cases, they’re speeding up their pace of innovation, from using more of Google’s automation-focused products to amping up their own digital transformation projects around online ordering and curbside pickup. Plus, how Google is doing good during the pandemic.

Social Distancing With Friends: Ampersand’s Nicolle Pangis

Nicolle Pangis is keeping quite busy under lockdown, raising two young girls and a puppy while running TV sales platform Ampersand. When she’s not helping media buyers reallocate their TV dollars around event cancelations, she’s building lego statues of Yoda and leading virtual Girl Scout meetings.

Social Distancing With Friends: Known CEO Kern Schireson

Kern Schireson, CEO and chairman of the new data agency Known, talks about what it’s like to form an advertising company in a pandemic when advertisers are pulling back spend. As former Viacom Chief Data Officer, he also discusses the phenomenon of data-driven TV buying. Finally, Schireson is home schooling his fourth grader math, but has the math changed?

Social Distancing With Friends: Habu CEO Matt Kilmartin

There’s no playbook for being CEO of a startup during a global pandemic, says Matt Kilmartin, CEO and co-founder of Habu, which launched in mid-February – just under a month before the lockdowns started. Also in this episode: Why the walking meeting is good for both health … and sanity.

Social Distancing With Friends: Brian Wieser

Brian Wieser, global head of intelligence at GroupM, is parsing through a mountain of economic and government data to help global clients understand how to invest for the future in a turbulent economy. He’s up early every day gathering information and modeling scenarios.

Social Distancing With Friends: Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Adam Blitzer

In this episode, Adam Blitzer shares his journey from Pardot co-founder to EVP and GM of three Salesforce clouds; the many different ways people have pronounced “Pardot” over the years from Pardeux (a la francais) to Pahr-daht (via Boston); and why a customer data platform is now core to Salesforce’s strategy.

Social Distancing With Friends: Michael Roth

IPG CEO Michael Roth talks about what he’s seeing from clients through the downturn, what he expects in terms of recovery and how business travel and agency life will likely be forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Distancing With Friends: You & Mr Jones CEO David Jones

David Jones, CEO and founder of brand tech firm You & Mr Jones, shares advice for holding companies to try and weather the ongoing crisis; tips on WFH exercising; predictions on the future of business travel; and his silver lining: more time with his four kids.

Social Distancing With Friends: IAB’s David Cohen And IAB Tech Lab’s Dennis Buchheim

Here’s a tale of two presidents during the coronavirus pandemic. Newly appointed IAB President David Cohen and IAB Tech Lab President Dennis Buchheim talk to AdExchanger about how the pandemic has changed the industry organization’s priorities over the coming year – and how the pandemic isn’t derailing plans for a number of important initiatives, including Project Rearc.

Social Distancing With Friends: Upstream Group Founder Doug Weaver

Instead of face-to-face trainings and coaching, Upstream Group founder Doug Weaver has moved everything to Zoom – including the occasional happy hour. In this episode, he chats about how the salespeople he’s trained have adjusted to a new reality, which means putting long-term relationships ahead of short-term sales, figuring out how to be helpful and useful to clients during their time of need and learning how to read a room when everyone in it is virtual.

Social Distancing With Friends: Dentsu Aegis Network’s Mike Law

In this podcast, Dentsu’s Mike Law talks about upfront season without live events or new pilots, working with his team remotely and hanging out by the water at his home in Long Island.

Social Distancing With Friends: Innovid Founder Tal Chalozin

Innovid CTO and founder Tal Chalozin and AdExchanger managing editor Ryan Joe get into the maturation of CTV, and how its lighting growth has accelerated even more due to the pandemic. Surprisingly, CTV’s surge comes at the expense of social video platforms like YouTube and Snapchat, which are jockeying for TV ad dollars. Also, what’s the future for Quibi?

Social Distancing With Friends: Jeff Green

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s certainly the case for The Trade Desk, which is managing the coronavirus fallout while it’s laser-focused on the next phase of data-driven advertising: CEO Jeff Green said that to date ad tech has been a “dress rehearsal” for TV coming online.

Social Distancing With Friends: Jampp Co-Founder Diego Meller

Diego Meller, co-founder of app marketing platform Jampp, is no stranger to crises. He started his first business, an online market research provider in Latin America called Livra.com, in 1999 – just in time for the internet bubble to burst. Also in this episode: insights into the app economy’s resiliency and how food sharing apps are handling the coronavirus-related surge in activity.

Social Distancing With Friends: Alexis van de Wyer

Audience reach is up for digital audio, and dramatically more listening is happening via smart speakers. In this episode, the CEO of AdsWizz discusses these and other trends in the podcasting space.

Social Distancing With Friends: TripleLift CMO Jordan Bitterman

TripleLift CMO Jordan Bitterman chats about making a name for yourself in different types of companies (he’s worked at a digital agency, a media agency, IBM and now an ad tech startup), the future of video and TV, the recent spate of ad tech layoffs and the responsibility advertisers have to journalism. 

Social Distancing With Friends: Kargo CEO Harry Kargman

Kargo CEO and founder Harry Kargman gets into wine tasting over Zoom, keeping morale high and how to get the timing right so your company can accelerate when the pandemic is over.

Social Distancing With Friends: Advertiser Perceptions President Kevin Mannion

From his home in Port Washington, NY, Advertiser Perceptions’ President and Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Mannion explains how companies are struggling to determine when it will be okay to talk about business and find other ways that they can be of value to their customers.

Social Distancing With Friends: Marketing Tech Founder Nick Jordan

Board meetings are different now, how customer churn works in a recession and other insights from the CEO of data startup Narrative IO.

Social Distancing With Friends: Goodway Group’s Amanda Martin

Work/life balance is a myth, especially in the age of coronavirus. “I don’t call it work/life balance, I call it work/life integration,” says Amanda Martin, VP of enterprise partnerships at Goodway Group. As a mom to two small boys, she splits her time between being a busy executive and a teaching assistant. Top billing on the teaching front goes to Amanda’s husband Keith, an IT network administrator, who’s working full time and spearheading the homeschooling situation.

Social Distancing With Friends: Skift CEO Rafat Ali

Rafat Ali, founder and CEO of the travel industry publishing company Skift, is at the intersection of two of the most deeply impacted categories by the coronavirus: the travel industry and media and events. In this episode, Rafat talks about how Skift and the businesses it covers have responded to the crisis, and whether reality has set in that these industries may never reach their 2019 peaks.

Social Distancing With Friends: Bob Liodice

Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the Association of National Advertisers, is at his computer by 6 a.m. every morning until nearly 7 p.m. every night talking to CMOs as they try to navigate the coronavirus craziness together. Evenings you can find him with his family on Long Island rediscovering the joy of board games. New favorite: The Game of Life.

Physical Distancing With Friends: Martin Sorrell

Advertising legend and S4 Capital CEO Martin Sorrell calls in from his home in London, where he is social distancing while managing a 2,500-employee organization across 30 countries. In this episode, he shares his take on how the impending recession will affect the ad industry, which consumer and business habits might permanently change from this crisis and why “social distancing” is a misleading term.

Social Distancing With Friends: Karima Zmerli

The chief data sciences officer at Wavemaker Global discusses the data story around COVID-19 and how the GroupM agency is responding to the situation. “This is not a technical challenge,” she says. “This is a human challenge. We need to change our ways of doing things and adjust to the new context.”

Social Distancing With Friends: Alison Levin

Alison Levin, VP of ad sales at Roku, talks about the explosion of streaming during COVID-19, negotiating upfront deals virtually and how she’s able to stay productive while working at home with a toddler.

Social Distancing With Friends: Scott Howe

LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe, social distancing from his 1956 Airstream trailer, talks about how the pandemic might impact the future of TV ad buying, how the current economic crisis compares to the dot com bubble crash, how clients are reacting, and planning the RampUp conference right before the coronavirus exploded across the United States.

Social Distancing With Friends: Ramsey McGrory

Mediaocean CRO Ramsey McGrory explains why established brands should continue investing in advertising despite the turbulent economy, and why it might be a good opportunity now for big brands to buy up the DTC upstarts that were chipping away at their marketshare. Also, should you run with a mask on?

Social Distancing With Friends: Oscar Garza

And here’s Oscar Garza, for tomorrow: In this episode, GroupM executive Oscar Garza talks keyword blocking in the age of coronavirus, remote agency life and juggling the work-from-home-life-balance while caring for two young boys.

Social Distancing With Friends: John Nardone

Digital advertising OG and Flashtalking CEO John Nardone talks about leading a company during a time of upheaval. He digs in on the importance of over-communicating, and why you need to over-prepare when meeting clients on Zoom. He also gets into the new business environment the ad tech universe is facing.

Social Distancing With Friends: Barry Lowenthal

These days, Barry Lowenthal, CEO of The Media Kitchen, is almost like a therapist. Brands, staff and vendors are looking for stability in a world turned upside, and Barry is spending most of his time on calls and video chats trying to provide people with the assurance they need that “everything is going to be okay.” Also in this episode: Makeshift (and socially distanced) group yoga on the beach, a five-and-a-half-pound Yorkie named Oliver and the unpleasant experience of being Zoom bombed.

Social Distancing With Friends: Alex Farr

Alex Farr, CEO of voice app platform Zammo, had a pandemic preparedness plan in place long before COVID-19 hit as inspired by the prescient words of his mentor, former Intel CEO Andy Grove: “Only the paranoid survive.” Paranoia is like blue jeans, Alex says. It never goes out of style.

Social Distancing With Friends: Todd Garland

Todd Garland spent the past 12 years building BuySellAds into a programmatic mainstay, and a standout of the Boston ad tech scene. “The idea that you can wake up one day and wonder if it’s gone is terrifying.”

Social Distancing With Friends: Jarrod Dicker

The Washington Post’s VP of commercial tech Jarrod Dicker talks about “coronavirus” keyword blocking, deflating CPMs and the importance of publishers building and owning their own ad tech. As a WFH vet, he also gives tips on how to stay in and productive without getting cabin fever. Featuring background vocalizations from his husky-mix Cassidy, who really wants to go outside.

Social Distancing With Friends: Laura Desmond

The marketing veteran and Double Verify interim CEO talks about the new rules of the video call and revisits some lessons from the last recession in 2008-2009.

Social Distancing With Friends: Ana Milicevic

How can marketers take advantage of the current moment to shore up internal initiatives like stack evaluation and data strategy? AdExchanger chats with Sparrow Advisors’ Ana Milicevic on the topic, as well as how to stay sane and positive in a crisis. Having grown up in Serbia, she’s lived through one before.

Social Distancing With Friends: Josh Palau

How does a pharma company approach advertising during a time when its products would seem to sell themselves? On this episode, Bayer’s VP of media strategy and platforms Josh Palau talks about how the company’s in-house ad buying team is thinking about its messaging, and about changing consumer behavior.

Social Distancing With Friends: Lisa Utzschneider

Integral Ad Science CEO Lisa Utzschneider talks about the nuance behind “coronavirus” keyword blocking, and how she leads a global company and keeps her employees connected when everybody is mandated to work from home.

Social Distancing With Friends: Michael Barrett

Closing a merger during the coronavirus pandemic? It’s not what he expected, but Michael Barrett, CEO of the combined Rubicon Project and Telaria, is adapting the companies’ product road map and integration timeline to steer the company through this crisis.

Social Distancing With Friends: Henry Blodget

Insider Inc. CEO Henry Blodget joins AdExchanger to talk about how he’s steering his company during the coronavirus outbreak – and his critiques of the too-little-too-late response by the US and if the current stimulus package is enough to help the economy.

Social Distancing With Friends: Erin Matts

Hearts & Science US CEO Erin Matts takes us on a virtual tour of her day pitching clients, supporting employees and trying to keep morale high during a global pandemic. She also talks about indulging in long walks with her Labrador retriever, Bruce.

Social Distancing With Friends: Jayne Peressini

Live sports may be canceled, but life marches on for Jayne Peressini, senior director of growth marketing at DraftKings. Daily fantasy sports and egaming are “going nuts,” she says. When Jayne isn’t working or organizing fun virtual activities to keep her team sane, including Top Chef-themed lunch-making competitions, she’s hanging out with her wife and two young children. Favorite Netflix binge program right now: “Tiger King.”

Social Distancing With Friends: Jeremy Hlavacek

Watson Adverting CRO Jeremy Hlavacek gives his forecast for digital media and ad tech post-coronavirus. Plus, how the lockdown is affecting Americans’ weather-checking habits.

Social Distancing With Friends: Christian Juhl

GroupM Global CEO Christian Juhl discusses heading up an organization with 32,000 employees and some of the world’s largest brand clients amid a pandemic – all while single parenting his 12-year-old son.

Social Distancing With Friends: Eric Franchi

How can ad tech startups survive the COVID-19 pandemic? Will the economic downturn change the way MathCapital thinks about its investment priorities? Is the VC spigot shut off, or is there still money to be had? Most importantly: Should we start washing our fruits and vegetables with soap? MathCapital’s Eric Franchi and AdExchanger’s Ryan Joe try to get to these answers and more in this episode of Social Distancing With Friends.

Social Distancing With Friends: Abhay Singhal

InMobi Group CEO Abhay Singhal chats with AdExchanger senior editor Allison Schiff about how he’s making the most of the San Francisco shelter in place order. Abhay is reading more than he’s watching Netflix, he’s spending much-needed time with the family and he finally accomplished his lifelong dream of solving a Rubik’s Cube – oh yeah, and he’s managing a global workforce while wearing shorts and a baseball cap.

Social Distancing With Friends: Megan Clarken

Three months after becoming CEO of Criteo, Megan Clarken has been confronted with a very different set of challenges from the ones she signed up for. In this episode of AdExchanger’s new audio series “Social Distancing With Friends,” she describes the coronavirus’s impact on ad spend and ecommerce fulfillment, and how she is leading the company through the crisis.

Social Distancing With Friends: Ari Paparo

Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo chats with AdExchanger managing editor Ryan Joe about the shift to working from home, the post-pandemic outlook for the ad industry, how to stay on top of an incredibly volatile business environment and what goes through his mind when he tweets.

Social Distancing With Friends: Joanna O’Connell

Forrester principal analyst Joanna O’Connell and AdExchanger managing editor Ryan Joe discuss the future of work, the extent to which COVID-19 has supplanted concerns around the third-party cookie and privacy regulations, and whether it’s better to use a bedsheet backdrop to hide your household mess during a video conference, or if you should just own it.