Social Distancing With Friends: Zammo CEO Alex Farr

A factoid for our times: Kohler’s sales of smart toilets increased eightfold during the first two weeks of March compared with this time last year.

The trend makes sense to Alex Farr, CEO of Zammo, a platform that brands can use to easily build voice apps. Touchless tech is taking off as people do their best to keep their hands to themselves. It’s a coronavirus thing.

Alex is sheltering in a cabin around 15 miles outside of San Francisco, where he can see the redwoods and take walks with his wife.

He’s also making time for meditation. Alex is a particular fan of Vipassana. “It’s like medicine without taking anything,” he says.

Also in this episode: Why Zammo had a WFH pandemic preparedness plan in place long before COVID-19 hit and what happened when Alex tried to get too ambitious with his multitasking.

(He ended up sending his lawyer a pile of random emoji. Wine glass, eggplant, volcano.)


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