Social Distancing With Friends: Goodway Group's Amanda Martin

Work/life balance is a myth, especially in the age of coronavirus. More often than not Amanda Martin, VP of enterprise partnerships at Goodway Group, goes upstairs to grab some laundry … and ends up drifting over to her computer where she immediately gets sucked back into work.

“I don’t call it work/life balance, I call it work/life integration,” Amanda says on this episode of Social Distancing With Friends.

Back in the day, AKA, just over a month ago, Amanda spent a lot of time on the road. These days, there’s nowhere to go, but she’s just as busy. Luckily, she’s accustomed to working from home. Goodway Group was a remote work company before this all started, and Amanda has amassed an “extremely extensive collection of comfortable athleisure-wear.”

On an average day, Amanda is part executive and part teaching assistant to her two young sons, aged 6 and 10. Amanda’s husband, Keith, an IT network administrator, is taking the lead on the homeschooling situation. “I’ve got to give him credit,” she says.

Also in this episode: how coronavirus could accelerate the march toward more diversified ad tech workforces; why it’s more important than ever to tie marketing spend to supply chain data; why the word “unprecedented” just isn’t big enough to encompass the changes we’re all going through right now; and a tip on the “Touch up my appearance” setting in Zoom that helps you look spiffier on video calls.


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