Nielsen To Overhaul Its Currency; Super Bowl Advertisers Try To Predict The Future

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Give It The Ol’ Rip And Replace

Nielsen recently updated its panel-based currency to include data from smart TVs and set-top boxes – but an even bigger change is on the horizon. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nielsen will completely replace its TV ratings system by 2024 with a new type of measurement that also incorporates streaming TV. Nielsen will preview the new data it’s using in 2021 and introduce the actual measurement product in Q4 2022. At that point, ad buyers and sellers will be able to rev it up for the 2024 season. Although Nielsen already has partnerships with DISH, DirecTV and VIZIO for the refreshed currency it introduced in November, it needs more data-sharing partnerships in place for the 2024 transformation to happen. If Nielsen is able to realize its ambitious goal, it’ll upend the TV industry. As Jane Clarke, CEO of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement points out, changing the currency will change the rates for everything.

Intercepted By COVID

The NFL regular season is winding down, which means that soon begin the playoff games that decide the Super Bowl LV participants. Also TBD: what the mood of consumers will be when they watch Super Bowl LV ads. With the coronavirus in the air (literally), big name brands initially retooled their ad budgets and back-burnered their Big Game plans, reports Digiday. But now that the Super Bowl is approaching, advertisers are racking their brains to predict the mindset of consumers in light of the ongoing pandemic. Marketers are paying more attention than years prior to what customers are saying, including on social media, and using that to inform whether they go for a humorous spot or a more empathic one that addresses the big issues of the past year. Expect to see the Super Bowl heavy up on CPG, food and beverage advertisers. But what about all of those splashy ads promoting movies, travel and quick serve restaurants? They’re unlikely to come rushing back, although other biggies, including Toyota, Mars Wrigley and Anheuser-Busch have said they plan to return.

It Takes A Village

Fresh on the heels of its partnership with TikTok, SaaS solutions provider AppsVillage will integrate with Google Ads. The hookup will allow small and medium-sized businesses to launch and manage their Google advertising campaigns faster and in a more cost-effective manner. Read the release. Using AppsVillage’s AI management platform, JARVIS, SMBs will be able to launch, manage and optimize advertising campaigns across Google, TikTok and Facebook in under three minutes. They’ll also be able to make their ad budgets stretch further, which is top of mind for businesses struggling during the pandemic. “It’s more important than ever before for SMBs to optimise their advertising budgets as we come into 2021,” said Max Bluvband, CEO and founder of AppsVillage.

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