Inc. Revenue Survey: BlueKai Sees $26.8M in 2012, DataXu $87M

Inc Show Me the Money 2013Given the recent IPO and M&A frenzy, it should come as no surprise that some ad-tech players saw strong revenue growth in 2012, as reported today in the Inc. 500/5000 list.

But even keen observers might be impressed by the surges at some data-management providers, in particular DataXu (ranked No. 5 among the entire list with -- hold your breath -- 21,337% revenue gains since 2009) and Bluekai (9,245% revenue growth during the same period).

Marketplace operators and video ad tech, naturally, have also shown significant gains over the past three years -- the period Inc. uses for comparison. That said, companies like Videology, which can identify itself in both programmatic and marketplace operator positions, most likely saw its triple-digit revenue gains thanks to its acquisition activity, especially in the past year.

The Inc. magazine 500/5000 list of growing ad-tech companies follows the jump, showing 2012 revenues both as a raw figure and on a per-headcount basis.

Disclaimers: (1) These are not audited results, and (2) some revenues comes from media costs, which are passed on to exchange players and publishers.

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  1. It seems like the appropriate comparison for dataxu would be mediamath or app nexus - on that basis, i'm not sure the revenue level they've attained is surprising.

    It seems like the blue kai data is more a testament to just how low their revenues were during the industry's hype/infatuation period with data providers, and as that proved unsustainable, they've finally started to figure out a business model that may work.


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