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Agencies Want Transparency; Google AdX 2.0 Exchange In Two Weeks?; Almost Real-Time Ads


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Show Me The URL!Transparency On Exchanges

On ClickZ, Hill Holiday SVP, Director of Digital Media, Adam Cahill looks at the ad exchange space and says its time for more transparency so that buyers can see what website they’re getting. To date, many large publishers fear that unmasking their URL in an open auction, for example, will create conflict with their direct sales channel. But, Cahill reasons, “As complicated as the exchange space may seem sometimes, the benefits of transparency are actually pretty simply stated. Buyers want it, and will pay more for it.” Read the point-of-view here.

Cool Graphic Award, AdWords Spend

And, the “Cool Graphic Award” goes to… Permuto. Yesterday, on the Permuto blog, Josh Ritchie posted a graphic which breaks down AdWords “daily spending, in order to illustrate Google’s highest spenders, and how much they are spending.” See the high res version of the graphic here.

Or view a low-res here:

Two Weeks Until AdX 2.0?

Zach Rodgers of ClickZ reports that the new 2.0 version of the Google DoubleClick ad exchange, AdX, is expected to launch in the next couple of weeks. With the recent departure of Michael Rubenstein to AppNexus, look for a new leader to emerge in front of AdX at launch. (Google – who’s the new contact?) Rodgers suggests the AdX 2.0 unveiling will be timed with NYC’s Advertising Week festivities. Makes sense here. Read more on ClickZ.

And The Winner Is…

David Gianatasio of AdWeek reports that Razorfish has won the digital media business for Staples. Gianatasio notes that this is the first major (public) win since the agency was bought by Publicis last month. I wonder if Staples will be using a buying platform – via Razorfish – that will allow them to buy audience through exchanges, networks and direct publisher relationships? Somebody knows the answer to this. Read more on the win from AdWeek.


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Ads That Race

Eyeblaster and San Francisco-based agency, Questus, announced that their latest ad campaign for Suzuki includes feeds that insert daily updates on the Suzuki race team into the media. A very cool idea – and, wait until this gets real-time. For example, if you saw that your favorite baseball team (and MLB was selling a branded t-shirt) had the winning run on base with nobody out in the bottom of the 9th, would you be inclined to click? Read the Eyeblaster release.

Foreigners Create Jobs

Venture capital man Brad Feld argues that Congress needs to change the way it handles visas for founders of companies who are foreign-born. He cites several companies who were started in the U.S. and that are creating U.S. jobs, but may be forced to re-locate outside of the country in order to satisfy immigration laws. Feld wants congressional action and is beginning the process. Read more.

Those Auto Ads Are Rich

Kristina Knight of Biz Report covers new research from PointRoll which says that auto advertisers need rich media. She notes PointRoll’s findings saying that from PointRoll’s 2008 auto ad campaigns, “tier one rich media auto campaigns outperformed Flash (more than 37%) and GIF/JPEG ads (more than 900%) in click through rates.” Considering the long sales cycle, it would seem logical that the brand engagement afforded by such rich media tactics as video would help the tell the product’s story over the long haul. Read the article.

Video Ad Exchange Of The Future?

thePlatform announced that it’s adding a bunch of new partners including Webtrends, Auditable, BrightRoll, EyeWonder, and Google AdSense which joins a total of 80 companies. thePlatform is a soup-to-nuts, content management, billing, procurement system for video. Gavin O’Malley of MediaPost notes that thePlatform has many competitors such as rightcove, Veeple, PermissionTV, and Vimeo – and, more importantly, certain large brand, in-house solutions. Read more on thePlatform’s site.

Privacy Rules

Jim Brock of privacychoice takes a whack at the privacy conundrum on AdAge. Among other suggestions, Brock says that internet users should be provided, “a link on every page should take them to one place with all of the privacy information they need. ” He adds that there is big upside for publishers with behavioral targeting so they need to make sure they’re aggressive in disclosure now, so they have “behavioral” as part of their offering later. Read more.

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Comic: Ad-ception

The New York Times And Instacart Integrate For Shoppable Recipes

The New York Times and Instacart are partnering for shoppable recipe videos.

Experian Enters The Third-Party Data Onboarding Business

Experian entered the third-party data onboarder market on Tuesday with a new product based on its Tapad acquisition.

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Albertsons Takes Its First Steps Into Non-Endemic Advertising, Retail Media’s Next Frontier

Albertsons is taking that first step into non-endemic advertising next week via a partnership with Rokt to serve ads to people who have already purchased groceries.

Marketecture Buys AdTechGod (No, Really)

Marketecture has acquired AdTechGod – an anonymous ad tech Twitter poster turned one-man content studio – and the AdTech Forum, an information resource hosted by AdTechGod and Jeremy Bloom.

Why The False Advertising Lawsuit Against Poppi Is Bad News For RMNs

This week’s dispatch explores the new trend of false advertising class-action suits in the food and CPG industry and how the evolution of online, data-driven retail media could exacerbate the problem.