Yahoo! Talks RTB, Rubicon Project Urges Caution; On Demand-Side Platform Holy Grail; ScanScout Online Video Ad Insights

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Right Media BlogYahoo! And Right Media On RTB

Given all the hubbub created by the articles in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and included AppNexus, Google and others, Yahoo! has responded with its real-time bidding thoughts via VP/GM Bill Wise who writes, “Right Media was the first marketplace to offer real-time bidding (RTB) in our own marketplace over five years ago (see the story we posted on this last year). We have been testing a new kind of RTB for over the last six months.” Read it.

Rubicon Project On RTB

From its blog, Rubicon Project notes the recent mainstream media articles on real-time bidding and says, “We are deeply concerned about the true impact of this buzz-worthy new technology on the value of inventory for publishers. RTB is attention-grabbing, indeed – but it’s not necessarily all good news for publishers of digital content.” Read more.

DSP Kool-Aid In Lisbon

According to New Media Age, Mediasmith CEO David Smith spoke at I-COM in Lisbon last week and “said the industry is moving to the ‘holy grail of targeting,’ with targeting becoming more specific because agencies are taking the technology in-house through their own DSPs.” Drink the DSP Kool-aid.

Video Insights Whitepaper

Online video ad network, ScanScout, has released a whitepaper with insights from its video ad network from the month of February including top videos across content categories as well as this nugget: “Daily video stream volume was on average 33% higher on weekends.” Makes sense – it’s harder to watch video at work (headphones, boss walking by, dubious content, etc.). Download it (sign-up required).

Posing As A Fake Agency

Networks, DSPs and publishers beware says Someone is posing as a fake agency out there and looking to run 20K of budget.. in fact, they’re likely ready to run a campaign full of malware or malvertising. The giveaway for the fraud, may be the contact name they’re using: “Natalie Portman.” Read more.

More AppNexus

Coming on the heels of their New York Times feature, the company put out a release on Friday echoing the article’s contents regarding the real-time benefits of its platform. It also offered a strong endorsement from client and Ebay executive Matthew Ackley who said that his company is getting “‘search-quality’ results from display advertising” through AppNexus buying platform. Read more.

Efficiency In Traditional

CampaignLive in the UK says that Publicis is combining all of its “TV, print and traffic departments in a bid to improve its production offering.” The hope is that by combining these operations, products and services can be delivered across media channels quickly -and with improved cost efficiencies at its core. Read more.

Targeting At The Gas Pump

Digital-out-of-home networks, PumpTop TV and Outcast TV, say that if you want to target audience interested in the lottery, the gas pump is the perfect place to do it. They’re introducing a new up-to-the-minute lotto updates product integrated with high-def creative ad capabilities. Read more.

How VC Price

Entrepreneur Chris Dixon discusses the art of pricing the deal from the venture capitalist’s perspective. Dixon write, “What makes venture pricing special is that there are so few hard metrics to rely on, hence one of the primary valuation inputs is what other investors think about the company.” Read it.

It’s About 10 Publishers

When you think about it, only 10 online publishing companies really matter. At least, that’s Permuto’s supposition in this aggregation of data into one insightful graphic about “the most sought-after ad space in the world.” See it.

Apple – AdMob – Google

It’s war! The NY Times tells the story of the intense competitive battle which has evolved from the previous days of close personal friendships between execs of Google and Apple. As it relates to their AdMob tug-of-war, for 45 days last year during a a standard “no shop” period, Apple had been doing its due diligence on the purchase of AdMob. But, it let the period lapse. Then, Google swooped in and offered $750 million for AdMob – $150 million more than Apple’s offer. Oh, that wasn’t nice. Read about the “World War III” which has ensued.

The Firehose

In real-time bidded environment, “the firehose” can represent the flood of impressions that a bidding system must view and decision on. Well, firehose lovers, there’s another firehose on the way as Facebook is potentially on the verge of letting select developers tap its firehose of user data. Read about it.

The Newspaper Tree

The Sulzberger dynasty at The New York Times has reached into the family tree and plucked out former Booz consultant, David Perpich (LinkedIn profile), who will be executive director of paid products at” Paid products is the center of the storm as the company looks to put up its pay wall shortly. Read more in the WSJ. (No subscription? Google News link here.)

DSPs And Dynamic Ads

Dapper marketer Paul Knegten looks at the power of the demand-side platform as well as that of dynamic ads and says – watch out, you may “optimize your performance away.” Knegten encourages strong communication between the DSP and dynamic ad provider as well as other tips. Read more.

Agencies Are Hiring

Ad Age’s Michael Bush says agency hiring is starting to take off as “WPP, Edelman, BBH, OMD look to hire” among others. It appears agency chiefs, including WPP Group’s Martin Sorrell are ready to staff up as they believe the worst has passed in the global economy. Pat Mastandrea of the Cheyenne Group. She said when the market started to turn around in the fourth quarter of 2009 and budgets started to grow back, you had agencies that were too lean. Read it.

Vibrant Reports $100 Mil

Last week, Vibrant (formerly Vibrant Media) reported on its revenue momentum as yet another private company “opens the kimono.” Mediaweek’s Mike Shields reports on the numbers at Vibrant which “pulled in $100 million in ad revenue last year, according to company officials. That represents a 20 percent lift in revenue during a year when display advertising revenue declined.” Read more.

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