Direct Selling Survey From OpenX; DataXu On RTB Suppliers; StartUp Pitch Perfection; DoubleClick Ad Exchange Begins To Hum

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Selling DIrectDirect Selling Survey

OpenX just release the results of a survey of its publishers who are selling advertising direct for a +$5 CPM. Lots of interesting data points in the survey. What do many of these publishers have in common: they’re “using a direct sales force; using third party data; packaging inventory; basing pricing on industry comparables; and selling leaderboards and medium rectangles.” Get the survey (sign-up required).

RTB Suppliers From DataXu

In his latest column on ClickZ, CEO Mike Baker of DataXu identifies industry suppliers of real-time bidding (RTB) – ad exchanges, publisher yield optimizers and ad networks – and which RTB source may be right for media buyers depending on their campaign goals. Read more.

Channel Conflict Madness At Hulu!

It’s channel conflict within the channel! Mediaweek’s Mike Shields covers the growing conflict between the sales staff of Hulu (allegedly aggressively undercutting network prices) and the sales staffs of all the major media networks that have an interest in Hulu. Who’s in charge? Not me. Read more.

Best Start-Up Pitches

Entrepreneur and eduFire CEO, Jon Bischke, has collected what he thinks at the 10 best start-up pitches available online – on video. Bischke says that “One of the best ways to prepare yourself to pitch your company is to watch other people pitch theirs.” Start viewing the pitches here. (Source: Matt Hulett)

Testing The Creative

According to Noelle McElhatton of Marketing Direct in the UK, Publicis Dialog is looking to improve its creative concepts across media as it launches an online panel which will provide feedback in “real-time” and involve a community form tool that encourages online debate. Read more.

Turn On DoubleClick Ad Exchange

The Turn blog is reporting that their integration with the DoubleClick Ad Exchange is up and running. From the blog: “Google’s AdX is the latest RTB platform that was integrated with Turn. So far we have won auctions on AdX on behalf of 113 advertisers and agencies, and results are good.” Read more.

Build Vs. Buy

News Corp Digital EVP, Jorge Espinel, visits the “build vs. buy” argument for large digital companies on his blog, Spectator Bytes. Espinel writes, “New product development has become so inexpensive that large companies will increasingly struggle to out-innovate the market.” Among the tips on his “how-to list” on how digital companies can remain competitive, Espinel adds, “Emphasize focus on integration of new technologies rather than new product development.” Read more.


Graham Charlton interviews UK media agency, Silence Media’s Lee Henshaw on the eConsultancy blog. Henshaw’s agency sells video media on a CPE or cost-per-engagement basis rather than a CPM. What consititutes “engagement”? For starters, Henshaw says, “We have a three second delay before the video starts, so we know that people are properly engaging.” Read more.

Be The Best, Get Obsessed

Entrepreneur Ben Casanocha says that if you’re gonna be the best in the start-up business, you’re probably going to experience a certain level of obsession. Casanocha points to Max Levchin, formerly of Pay Pal and its riches, who now works tirelessly at Slide. Casanocha adds a couple more spicy quotes on his blog here.

DFA Gets More Tools

A new DART For Advertisers (DFA) analytics tool and integrated “Ad Planner For Advertisers” has been released by Google. According to he Google AdWords Agency blog, benefits of the new features include the ability to gain insights quickly, get reports faster and get new types of reports such as on geographic delivery data. Read more.

FreeWheel Managing Video Ads

FreeWheel has announced an agreement with Warner Music Group (WMG) that will allow WMG to place and track video ads on music sites and platforms. CEO Doug Knopper tells MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan that FreeWheel has “created a hub, ‘an air traffic control room’ to monitor the ad serving and rights management platform.” Read more.

Murdoch’s Global Reach

Rupert Murdoch’s global advertising empire got a little bit bigger as Fox opened Fox One Stop Media (FOSM), an advertising sales house for the Asia-Pacific region according Media Asia’s Jane Leung. Leung says the new house’s services will “include creative solution development, on-air production and new media offerings.”Read more.

Media Planners Take On Challenges Of Digital TV

On MediaPost, Courtenay Harry of Leap Media Group says that the world of the media planner has received a significant upgrade within the agency model from what she says was its basement days. Harry notes Digital TV’s impact on the planner and how audience is more key than ever – but you can take your eye off the the brand communications plan. Read more.

Targeting Those Under Duress

Open the data taxonomy cannister – we’ve got another entry! OwnerIQ announced a new display advertising option that enables the targeting of the “Duress Shopper.” In the release, OwnerIQ says, “Duress purchases are those motivated by the immediate need to replace a durable good that has stopped operating, or no longer meets the immediate needs of the consumer. Read it (PDF).

Necklaces Made Of Data

This one is for the dorks.

Need a unique holiday gift for your significant other? We’ve found it courtesy of Microsoft Ad Platform evangelist, Ian Thomas. From his blog, Thomas points to an innovative use of data and necklaces and says, “Wieden+Kennedy London has come up with a range of designer necklaces which celebrate the beauty of data, under the name Plot.” This is not a joke. Visit Plot’s website. I can just see audience buying data getting involved here – the “auto intender” necklace, for example. You get it – run with it!

Nielsen Can’t Catch A Break

Is anyone NOT upset with Nielsen these days? Catharine Taylor takes a look at the war between between Nielsen and some media buying agencies regarding Nielsen’s audience measurement accuracy. Taylor notes Nielsen is trying to keep up with the times by including DVR audience, but even that forward-thinking is running amuck. Read about it.