24/7 Real Media’s Pangis Looks At Her Company’s Publisher Platform Solutions

24-7 Real Media24/7 Real Media announced an upgrade to its publisher ad serving solution, Open AdStream this week. Read the release.

Nicolle Pangis, VP, Product Management Global Media and Technology for 24/7 Real Media, reviewed Open AdStream and its place in the publisher platform market.

AdExchanger.com: How is 24/7 and Open AdStream addressing the need for publishers to unlock and manage the value of their data?

Since 24/7 Real Media’s inception and the initial release of the Open AdStream ad management technology platform through to its current version, we have aligned with publisher interest to support and protect publishers’ valuable data.

24/7 Real Media has developed unique partnerships with other leading companies in the digital marketing industry to distinctively integrate data and technology partners. For example, our partnership with Omniture produced a first of its kind integration between Open AdStream and Omniture’s leading web analytics platform SiteCatalyst, allowing publishers to leverage their own robust analytics data to define and target audience segments with advertising messages.

Please discuss the competitive set.  How are you differentiating from the competition?

Open AdStream is the premiere ad management platform in the marketplace today, enabling publishers to deliver ads in any digital format to any digital platform including Web sites, mobile, IPTV and many emerging platforms. Along with developing the technology platform itself, 24/7 Real Media has embraced the philosophy of an open digital ecosystem, developing partnerships and integrations with other key players in the market in order to provide customers with best-of-breed solutions. 24/7 Real Media’s ad management offering can also be differentiated by the superior training, account management, and support teams that provide reliable and effective customer service.

What’s your view: are demand-side platforms (DSPs) a threat to publishers given their ability to target audience across multiple supply sources?

Demand side platforms give advertisers the opportunity to obtain lower rates for publisher inventory and target audiences across multiple publishers, networks and ad exchanges, which is not always in the publishers’ best interest. Emerging DSPs and ad exchanges, along with various intermediaries such as yield optimizers, take a piece of the value as publishers sell their audiences and inventory; however, the market is still nascent and the technology and practices still developing. As these companies and business models evolve, there will likely be some consolidation along the value chain allowing publishers to reclaim more value from their inventory.

Will 24/7 develop a supply-side platform (SSP)?

24/7 Real Media is aligned with publisher interest and therefore provides best-of-breed solutions for publishers to manage their digital advertising and extract the greatest value from their inventory. In addition to the Open AdStream ad management platform, 24/7 Real Media enables publishers to monetize their inventory with our Global Web Alliance media network of Web sites across the globe. Aligning network and publisher goals, the Global Web Alliance represents publisher inventory through direct one-to-one relationships, and is virtually the only major network that does not purchase inventory.

By John Ebbert

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