A Programmatic Health Check, With Wayne Blodwell

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Regulation is bringing much needed changes to the digital advertising landscape, but with it comes functional decline.

This week on AdExchanger Talks podcast, Programmatic Advisory CEO Wayne Blodwell discusses how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act and other pending laws are accelerating the “growing up” process for the use of data in marketing – and what is needed to maintain the value of programmatic during this transitional period.

“With the implementation of GDPR, of course you have to change things because of regulation,” he says. “I’m not a venture-backed business and I’m not ad tech, but I think it’s an amazing thing for our industry to be more responsible. It doesn’t mean we were irresponsible previously. We just acted within the realms of how you were able to act.”

Blodwell observes that the shifting legal requirements will test the agility of marketers and tech platforms alike, putting pressure on businesses that weren’t planning ahead.

“The smart ones are pivoting, and the other ones are probably falling away,” he says.

As the third-party cookie declines, replacement solutions will come in the form of advanced, mathematical approaches to measurement that protect user anonymity while maintaining analytical value.

“It will be around how you measure and target in a compliant way that gets as close to one-to-one as you can,” he says. “Who does that? Everyone’s got an opinion on it. There’s a lot of innovation in that. That’ll become table stakes in the coming years.”

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