Teracent’s Hall Discusses New Video Creative Optimization Platform

Chip Hall is SVP of Sales and Marketing at Teracent, an advertising creative solutions provider.

Chip Hall of TeracentAdExchanger.com: When will the video product be available to customers and how will the revenue model work with video?

CH: The video product is live today and the business model is the same as the rest of our platform (either CPM or a percentage of media spend model). In fact, not only is the product live, but it’s already seeing great success.

It is being used very effectively by Match.com as a way to generate time spent on their site. Match has seen a significant increase in their conversion metric by using different combinations of dating pairs (M seeking F, F seeking M, F seeking F, etc.) in videos and then optimizing the use of the videos against various demographic and geographic targets. Match started with a small set of videos and then gradually increased the number of videos as they saw the optimization work and realized the valuable data they were getting back in the process.

For the first time, Match was able to see how their videos were attaching to their targeting segments and this learning is helping them develop better video creative. So their use of video is not only providing great lead generation performance lift, it is acting as a real-time focus group and helping develop the next generation of marketing campaigns.

Can you describe a few of the key data points Teracent optimizes in video and how they compare to Teracent’s display media optimization data points?

With the Teracent intelligent display platform, anything that can be measured can be optimized and improved by our predictive self-learning decision engine. This is true for video or non-video creative or data assets, but obviously video offers a much richer engagement experience for the consumer. In terms of video, we offer a host of very cool ways to leverage video as a source of data-driven ad optimization:

  • Localization Overlays
  • Graphical overlays
  • Hot Spotting
  • A La Carte
  • Focus Groups

Read more at http://www.teracent.com/video.html.

Are you concentrating on optimizing a particular standard right now – such as pre-roll only? Given the variety in video advertising standards these days, it would appear each campaign would need a certain amount of customization, no?

Right now we are focused on in-banner video optimization. We can certainly work with in-player video streaming, but we need some basic industry standards before it makes sense for us to optimize against it as the customization requirements player-by-player would create a ton of inefficiency for our business. Not only is there a great deal of market demand against in-banner video, but it effectively leverages reels of existing creative assets. By layering data-driven optimization against these assets, Teracent takes video from interesting sizzle, to a measured and precise creative strategy for audience engagement and business feedback/analytics.

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