ScanScout Partnering Like Maniacs; VideoEgg Tying To Offline With ComScore; MIG In The News

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PartnersPartners Swarm ScanScout

In a release, video ad network ScanScout said its partnering with a gaggle of “premium” brands including Warner Brothers, Warner Music and Marvel Comics to provide its video ad network services. Read the release. On, CEO Bill Day talks “engagement” metrics here.

VideoEgg, ComScore Skip To My Lou

Pursuing the CPG marketers, video ad network and technology company, VideoEgg, announced that it will partner with ComScore and use its new AdEffx software suite to provide clients insight on the effect of online media buying on offline purchases according to an article by MediaPost’s Mark Walsh. VideoEgg has set the threshold for such deals at $500k. Read more.

Herman On Desktop Ads

Varick Media’s Darren Herman thinks that a recent Apple patent could mean ads are coming to the desktop of a Mac near you and further subsidize computer hardware and software. Malaprop-ing a tagline from a startup long since deceased, Herman concludes, “Will Apple make famous, ‘Get Paid to Use the Computer’?” Read it.

Visibilizing In 2010

Greg Hills thinks it’s going to be about visibility in 2010 as companies providing insight into whether a user even sees an ad on a page (say, because it’s below the fold, for example) will provide another incremental step in improving the efficiency of online media buying. Can the traditional world do that – does the advertiser know when the TV viewer has gone to the kitchen for another Ho-Ho or Ring Ding? Read the post.

Planning The Start-Up

mPire Chairman of the Board, Matt Hulett, offers his “10 Tips For Startup Operating Planning” on his Startup Whisperer blog. Hulett identifies the importance of a competitive landscape review and creating documents rather than slides for the operating plan. One omission: ping pong table price discovery. Read it.

Direct Mail Is Next

Pete Kim looks at the next digital casualty on his “Stream of Consciousness” blog. Kim thinks that, like newspapers, direct mail will suffer a similar fate as cost and effectiveness will both be under attack as most of the mail we care about is electronic. Junk snail mail, not so much! Read more.

Addressing Online Video

TidalTV which was chosen as a technology partner for GroupM’s “Advanced Television System” in October as the world moves toward an addressable TV future, said yesterday in a release that its online video platform offers “real-time brand optimization and reporting.” What does that mean? They’re using brand effictiveness surveys from Knowledge Networks’ (KN) Dimestore Media. Read the release.

Money Or Power

Mr. Startup, Eric Ries, discusses “business ecology and the four customer currencies” and uses the word “ecosystem” to boot. Ries identifies a startup’s four currencies as time, money, skill, and passion and that each early stage company must address at some point: “Should we charge customers money from day one?” Read more.

Jarvis On Content Farms

Moo. There have been “fields” of chatter about content farms such as Demand Media, Associated Content and AOL’s plans. Jeff Jarvis harvests a few thoughts on such farms from his Buzz Machine blog. Talking about Demand Media, Jarvis writes, “… when I consulted at and saw how they monitor search queries to see where there are questions for which they don’t have answers. -When that happens, they go write answers; Demand automates the process. Makes sense.” Read the post.

It’s Still Y!ou

All Things D’s Kara Swisher reports that Yahoo is plenty pleased with the “It’s Y!ou,” marketing campaign and is moving on the next phase of the campaign by “adding to the overall brand promise more specific ‘product proof points’ that focus on Yahoo’s “hero products,’ such as search, email, homepage, mobile and more.” I love marketing. Read more.

AdECNer Joins MediaTrust

Performance marketing company, MediaTrust, said that it has hired Microsoft/AdECN’s former director of product David Coburn as “head of product” as Redmond loses another member of their exchange team (see Jeff Green’s departure in October.). Read the release.

Legacy This!

Donovan Data Systems announced that it has received a renewal from Omnicom’s GSD&M Idea City for “DDS’ full systems and services, including iDesk for digital ad buying and Accent for financial reporting.” Read more.

MIG In The News

WPP Group’s Kantar properties, Compete and Cannondale Associates, will “help create better media planning for WPP’s Media Innovation Group (MIG)” by combining their “online/offline consumer behaviors with survey results” in the name of better targeted ads. Get more on the happy couple on ClickZ.

The Display Effect

Bizo CEO Russel Glass is pushing the importance of cross-channel digital attribution (email, display, mobile, etc.) on the Bizo blog. Glass writes about display as an important top of funnel tactic, “We’re seeing that multi-channel media attribution consistently proves that online display advertising is very effective – well more so than ‘last-click’ methodologies would otherwise indicate.” Read the post.