CBS Has That Ad Exchange Feeling; DataXu On DSPs; Clickable Clicking; PubMatic Reading

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CBS Loves Ad ExchangesCBS Lovin’ Ad Exchanges

Ad Age’s Michael Learmonth breaks the supposed bad news for ad networks that CBS Interactive is showing the door to arbitrage in hopes of boosting direct ad sales, eliminating channel conflict and getting control of their data. The good news? They’re staying with exchanges. Learmonth writes, “CBS will continue to offer inventory to Yahoo’s Right Media Exchange, Google’s DoubleClick and demand-side exchanges such as Publicis Groupe unit Vivaki’s Audience on Demand.” CBS sees exchanges as a way to control data. That’s great for ad networks who can buy just the impressions they want through DoubleClick ad exchange and RMX rather than commit to larger, less targeted buys. Read it.

Digital Gives It To Traditional Up Hoo Ha

AdWeek’s Brian Morrissey is reporting that brands are starting to go directly to digital shops for their creative karma as traditional gets left with a bucket of tears. Morrissey names AKQA and R/GA as digital shops that are starting to take the creative lead. Read more.

Hush Hush, Microsoft M&A

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Last Friday’s reported $65 million acquisition of Opalis by Microsoft wasn’t exactly well-publicized but it does signal a return to the M&A world for the Redmond giant which now is the proud owner of a company that “specializes in automating technology processes within data centers.” Sounds like ads to me! Read more from Dow Jones Newswires.

Mags Raising Cover Prices

In a surprise, magazines are raising their cover prices. Kidding! – about the surprise. Read more on Mediaweek.

Baker Spreads DSP Love

DataXu CEO Mike Baker delivers his monthly manifesto on ClickZ and extols the virtues of a more efficient media trading future and everybody’s favorite new acronym – the DSP (or demand-side platform). Baker identifies DSP features and benefits including “access to multiple inventory sources through a single interface.” Read the article.

Getting To Know You

From his “Both Sides of the Table” blog, GRP Partners’ Mark Suster says “comments are the new black” meaning that if you want to communicate with and get to know people, Facebook and LinkedIn aren’t going to cut it, but commenting on someone’s blog (such as Sustern’s) will get the job done.
Read more.

Clickable Clicking

New York Media, the parent company of New York Magazine and Menupages among others announced a deal with Clickable to offer a white-label version of the Clickable platform to its local advertisers. Clickable CEO David Kidder notes from the Clickable blog that the company has an aggressive product roadmap for its platform “including integrations with leading social, mobile and real-time networks.” Can graphical display be far behind for the Clickable platform?
Read about it.

Liew As Carnac

Giving Carnac the Magnificent a run for his money, Jeremy Liew gives his “2010 Consumer Internet Predictions” on the Lightspeed Venture blog and says that the brand marketer is on his/her way with buckets of spend as 2010 is the year “brand advertising starts to move online, boosting premium display, video and social media.” Read more. What’s nice about Jeremy Liew’s predictions is that he shows no fear and rehashes his previous year’s choices to see how right or wrong he was.

PubMatic Reads TV Guide

Pubmatic announced that its working with to improve yield on the 21 million, unique user website through workflow savings and the “elimination of inefficiencies in our remnant advertising pricing” according to Ian Wallin, VP of sales at Read the release.

The Dance Of The Seven Predictions

Not to be outdone, eMarketer’s CEO and Co-Founder, Geoff Ramsey, gets his Carnac on and makes seven 2010 prognostications such as “Marketers will be increasingly willing to trade off reach for deeper engagement.” I like it! Engagement may be the new buying metric in the future a la the engagement pricing of VideoEgg and several others. Read all of Ramsey’s predictions.

CPG Swaggers Online

And speaking of marketers … and brand dollars, Ad Age says that CPG marketers are coming online which includes P&G and Uniliver – who else is there? How about Reckitt Benckiser who also says that digital planning will continue to be “massive”? Somebody pass me the Lysol! Read the article. Demand-side platform [x+1]’s recent foray into CPG makes even more sense.

Ad People Are Not Scum

In case you missed it, in a recent Gallup survey, advertising people were not the lowest of the low in terms of honesty and ethics. Car salespeople and senators fared worse. Read more from AdWeek.

PPC Up, SEO Down

On his Optmize and Prophesize blog, RAMP’s Jonathan Mendez ( Q&A) says that a recent surge in spending on pay per click advertising means that search engine optimization is likely sinking in importance in the eyes of marketers as what was “above the fold” in natural search is now below. Read more.


How do you pitch venture capitalists? Raj Kapoor of Mayfield Fund offers advice on TechCrunch to would be entrepreneur/presenters. He says VC want to know “What Is The True Size Of Your Market?” so they can figure out whether any investment is going to have the kind of bang for the buck that they’re looking for. Read the post.

OpenX Shows Tail

OpenX has joined with the IAB to help “grow and expand” the IAB’s Long Tail Alliance and expose OpenX’s 50,000 to the IAB initiative. According to the release, Long Tail publishers have already been part of IAB’s strategy to inform government officials about the opportunities afforded by online advertising to U.S. citizens. Read about it.