AdMeld And Peer39 Announce Semantic Data Partnership

Peer39 and AdMeldPeer39 and AdMeld announced an agreement which will allow AdMeld to “analyze every optimized impression against Peer39’s proprietary semantic data sets” to the benefit of AdMeld publishers and demand partners (ad networks, exchanges and DSPs) according to a release.  Read it.

Peer39 President and Founder Amiad Solomon discussed the implications of the deal. It appears a sell-side aggregator is offering a data feed – Peer39 semantic data – to the demand-side as well as publishers. Can a DSP or ad network use Peer39 independently of the publisher to understand page content, or does it need to start from the publisher’s ad server for some reason?

AS: Yes, DSPs and ad networks can utilize Peer39 semantic data independently of the publisher’s ad server using Peer39’s server to server integration API.

Please provide a use case of how this will ideally work for a premium publisher. And, how is this reported out?

As the AdMeld platform optimizes impressions, it pings Peer39’s servers to analyze each URL in real time (we process thousands of URLs in less than a second.) By enabling demand partners to target campaigns against these semantic channels, AdMeld lifts the value of every impression for both sides of the transaction. Publishers get higher CPMs, and buyers get superior targeting (and results).

The second major benefit for publishers is that all this semantic intelligence is available to them in AdMeld’s interface. In addition to seeing the size of each channel in terms of uniques and impressions, publishers know rates being paid for those channels, how those rates differ from buyer to buyer, and how they have trended over time. This enables publishers to get a clearer picture of what their inventory looks like and which channels represent the greatest untapped revenue potential. Having this kind of data at hand is absolutely critical for publishers to achieve greater leverage in the marketplace.

How is Peer39 generating revenue through or from AdMeld in the deal?

In the last 18 months, yield optimization platforms have focused on audience optimization with targeting data, yet few have focused on content-based yield optimization. Peer39, with our Semantic Targeting technology, enable yield optimization platforms to also optimize the content / sell-side of the equation by matching ads with content according to context and sentiment on the fly. And with the growing trend towards everything real-time, we can also analyze 1000s of URLs in less than a second. Therefore, we’re creating increased revenue streams for publishers by boosting the value of their remnant inventory.

By John Ebbert

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