Podcast: CRO David Fischer On Facebook’s Plans For 2020

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If Mark Zuckerberg represents the core product strategy at Facebook and Sheryl Sandberg is the company’s public face, then Chief Revenue Officer David Fischer is the money guy – ringing the cash register day in and day out and (hopefully?) into the future.

That means corralling a “Dogs Playing Poker” lineup of dueling stakeholders: unruly Fortune 500 brands, angry regulators and finicky SMBs (140 million or so, with 7 million paying advertisers), not to mention Facebook’s 2.7 billion users.

This week, Fischer comes on AdExchanger Talks to discuss Facebook’s evolving product strategy, its advertising business and its priorities for 2020.

We ask Fischer: Will platforms get together to provide the cross-platform reach and frequency measurement that marketers crave? In a privacy-sensitive environment, he says the near-term answer is no.

“We’d like to provide that kind of measurement and understanding because it’s going to make marketing better,” says Fischer. “I understand why they [marketers] want it. There are some areas we’ve been able to do that. But the way that things are going, it’s going to get harder not easier. We are going to keep pushing and trying to understand measurement solutions, trying to work with industry groups and others in the space. But it’s reasonable for marketers to expect that those types of solutions that are hard now are only going to get harder to do.”

Fischer breaks down Facebook’s ad initiatives into three key areas:

1. Evangelizing Stories as an ad medium. “Because businesses are behind, it’s cheaper.”
2. Messaging.
3. Commerce. “You see something on Instagram, you want to buy it. The company that’s posting it wants to sell it to me. We’ve invested in Instagram Shopping to make it easier.” More commerce activity on Instagram inevitably creates more ad demand.

Also in this episode: Will Facebook return to ad tech?

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