LiveRamp Connects To Google Cloud, Bringing Identity To Customer Journey Mapping

LiveRamp-Google CloudMarketers can build better customer experiences if they can find their customers as they pop up in different parts of their buying journey – visiting the website, buying a product in an Instagram story, viewing an ad or seeking customer support.

To enable this visibility, LiveRamp built a native connection into Google Cloud Platform.

Previously, marketers needed custom integration work to bring LiveRamp into the Google Cloud, and may have needed to negotiate a separate contract as well. LiveRamp’s connection makes it easier for marketers to apply LiveRamp identity solutions to their analytics and measurement that take place in Google Cloud. They can also extend that view of a customers’ identity beyond marketing, such as to customer experience.

“This is a really big opportunity for enterprises to develop really robust data strategies and truly deliver delightful customer experiences,” said Anneka Gupta, LiveRamp President and head of products and platforms.

Another aim is for LiveRamp and Google Cloud to increase use of each other’s products. The integration makes it easier for Google Cloud customers to use LiveRamp. And adding LiveRamp’s identity will incentivize businesses to bring and activate more data within Google Cloud.

“It encourages moving more and more workloads onto their clouds,” Gupta said.

Having measurement enriched by LiveRamp’s identity solution will also position marketers to take advantage of new privacy-focused ways of sharing data, like clean rooms.

“Before collaborating with partners, [marketers] need to build a customer journey and create a strategy for their own internal data first,” Gupta said.

Marketers can also apply Google Cloud’s built-in AI, machine learning and analytics features to LiveRamp’s identity data, said Nirav Sheth, director of partnerships at Google Cloud.

Despite this partnership, LiveRamp says it takes a neutral position when it comes to cloud infrastructure. LiveRamp wants to position its identity tech wherever the data lives, Gupta said.

While identity in ad tech has traditionally hinged on the quickly-disintegrating cookie, an enterprise-wide view of identity will include martech, ad tech and customer service touchpoints.

“Without LiveRamp, the analytics and the customer journey mapping they can do are quite limited,” Gupta said. “We help them map these interactions in a safe, secure, private way, and understand they happen to the same person.”

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