New Dapper CEO Beriker On The Direct Response Display Channel

DapperJames Beriker was named CEO of Dapper, an online advertising technology company. Beriker’s previous roles include CEO at Efficient Frontier, a search engine marketing firm. See the story.

Beriker discussed Dapper and his experience with AdWeek quoted you as saying, “It’s [the] beginning days of display is a very powerful direct response channel.” But, display is about generating demand and addressing the top of the funnel, of course. How does display become a powerful direct response channel similar to search which is more “bottom of the funnel”?

JB: The same way search does — by understanding and targeting intent. We have the technology to identify what consumers are looking for or interested in during that 95% of the time they’re not searching. With dynamic display, we can efficiently and at scale deliver content-driven offers to users that map to their intent.

A year from now, can you share a key milestone which would you like to have seen Dapper accomplish?

Make dynamic display ads as high performing and easy to execute as search is today.

3. Isn’t Dapper an ad network? It would appear to have some of the characteristics such as managing publisher relationships and advertiser offers?

First and foremost, we’re a technology and product company- we use our deep technology assets to build products that help advertisers more efficiently buy, target, deploy and optimize display advertising campaigns. Dapper has cracked the code for intelligently serving highly relevant content from an advertisers site into an ad based on a near real-time understanding of that user’s intent and the context of the site the user is on. We work primarily through the ad exchanges and with our partner DSPs to deliver our customer’s dynamic display ads, so I would not call us an ad network.

By John Ebbert

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