Facebook And eBay Join Programmatic I/O Conference

prog-small-blogAdExchanger is pleased to announced new panelists have been added to our April 8 Programmatic I/O conference taking place at San Francisco's St. Regis Hotel.

Nicolas Franchet, Head of E-Commerce, Global Vertical Marketing at Facebook, and Gautam Thakar, GM, eBay Advertising, will join our  "E-commerce and Targeting The Shopper" panel.

One of several conference themes, marketers are increasingly using programmatic media to address audiences through the E-commerce channel.  A sample of questions to be explored with the panel:

  • What are the options for marketers today as they look to extend their media plans to E-commerce?
  • How does a marketer's data play into E-commerce opportunities?
  • What is retargeting? What can the marketer do today - and tomorrow?
  • Is there a brand awareness opportunity for marketers in E-commerce?  If so, how does the marketer measure?

AdExchanger will announce more speakers and a complete agenda in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to Programmatic I/O's website (www.programmatic.io) for more updates.


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