Can Lotame Help Broadcasters And Advertisers Speak The Same Language?

monfriedData management platform (DMP) Lotame has developed a campaign planning and measurement tool designed for linear TV broadcasters.

Local broadcast consortium Pearl TV, which represents more than 200 local broadcast TV stations and network groups including Hearst, Cox Media and E.W. Scripps, is the first to test-drive it.

While many advertisers want to buy across mobile, OTT and traditional linear TV using the same currencies, historic TV models weren’t set up that way.

Advertisers want to buy on an impression basis, whereas local TV broadcasters traditionally valued their inventory on a gross rating point. Lotame hopes to help TV companies manage yield both at an audience/impression level while still accommodating GRPs.

Local broadcasters were also asking for deeper data segmentation. While local TV networks have used data from providers like Polk or Nielsen Scarborough for years, that data is often three or four months old, said Anne Schelle, managing director of Pearl TV.

Although a number of cable nets like NBC, Turner and Viacom have already created their own audience indexing platforms to append first- and third-party data to TV buys, their inventory is based on a large, national footprint.

Local broadcasters don’t enjoy the same luxury because their audience is smaller and more geographically skewed. And while using behavioral data for targeting is common vernacular among digital advertisers, local broadcasters are just starting to speak that language. 

“We’re really fascinated by being able to do deeper segment matching and onboard TV data within 24 hours,” Schelle added.

Another pain point for broadcasters: It’s plain hard to match audience data back to a single DMA. Tapping into set-top box data only partially alleviates the problem. In the end, that inconsistency makes it hard to identify segments in local markets.

Because local broadcasters don’t have detailed audience profiles, Schelle said, local TV inventory often goes undervalued.

Thus, Lotame is using its own digital/mobile data hooks to help broadcasters perform audience extension.

The DMP has a data integration with smart-TV manufacturers representing 15 million households as well as a cross-device solution via its AdMobius acquisition, said Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame. And more granular matching gives advertisers the opportunity to reach more people.

Measurement considerations

Lotame also rolled out TV-specific measurement features so broadcasters can show advertisers on-target delivery percentages, as well as the incremental reach they add over time.

It also analyzes how programs and dayparts performed against a specific audience over the past 30 days.

Finally, it has post-campaign analysis for mobile, desktop and smart TV campaigns.

“We’re starting to test how we can apply different buyer segments and apply more automation to make things easier for buyers, but that also allow us as sellers to improve our CPMs,” said Pearl TV’s Schelle. “At the baseline, it’s delivering a common set of data that will help us value local and make it easier to access.”

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