TARGUSinfo Integrates Data Into Demdex Behavioral Bank, Discusses The Data Biz

TARGUSinfoTARGUSinfo and Demdex announced a partnership which integrates TARGUSinfo datasets into Demdex’s “‘Behavioral Bank’ [which is] full of robust user profiles with data captured from each client’s Web properties and third-party data purchases.” Read more.

Dave Helmreich, VP AdAdvisor at TARGUSinfo, discussed the partnership, the company and trends in the data market today.

AdExchanger.com: Why do you think being “neutral” is important in Demdex model and how is this compelling for TARGUSinfo?

DH: The data marketplace is a moving target and it would be impossible to predict which current and future technologies will perform best for your business.  As a neutral party, Demdex  gives its clients the maximum flexibility for plugging their data into any of the delivery platforms in each channel.  Whether it’s the latest DSP to enter the market in display, an existing ad server that’s been around for years, or some new creative optimization technology coming onto the market in the coming months, when you have a neutral audience management platform you remain 100% flexible and can to adapt to this rapidly changing marketplace.  Remaining neutral on the data side is also important as this allows clients to access ALL data sources available in the market, not just those available from a given exchange or data seller.  Neutrality is really what sets Demdex apart. Through our partnership, any clients using Demdex have a streamlined way to access AdAdvisor data to enhance interactions with their ideal prospects.

How does TARGUSinfo help data buyers purchase the right data? And, do you let them test to make sure the data will meet performance requirements?

There are three ways we help advertisers understand the ideal target audience for their brand.  We have hundreds of standard audience groups for everything from people likely to carry an American Express Gold Card to those likely to prefer to stay at budget hotels.  We can also leverage the Demdex platform to help advertisers observe the groups of people most likely to respond to a particular campaign so that the advertiser can specifically reach more people in these groups.  Finally, because AdAdvisor data originated at the household level offline, we are able to partner with advertisers to create custom audiences based on their actual customer data.

What are your strongest data segments today?

The power of AdAdvisor lies on our ability to accurately identify people who are likely to exhibit a certain behavior and help advertisers reach them online.  Given this, there is not really a particular segment that “performs” best as it is different for every advertiser.  By providing a reliable way to identify ideal prospects and scale campaigns based on performance, we are helping advertisers in industries ranging from finance to telecom to consumer packaged goods.

What’s in it for the publisher and the supply-side in an announcement like this?

With AdAdvisor, publishers have a powerful way to improve targeting on their sites by leveraging data such as basic demographics, life stage insights or product propensities. The technology that Demdex has brought to market can help them do this.

By John Ebbert

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