Adometry Zigs, Visual IQ Zags on Facebook Attribution

Manu MathewWhen it comes to attribution modeling on the Facebook platform, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Last week, Adometry became the first pure play attribution vendor to get certified under Facebook’s ad tracking requirements (AdExchanger story). But not all of its competitors see approval of their ad tags as an important step to integrating Facebook campaign measurement into the media mix.

Take Visual IQ. The pure play attribution vendor has its own ad tags but chooses to use others’ certified ad server tags to track premium Facebook inventory.

It says its non-pixel based approach allows customers to leverage existing data investments and move forward with attribution – without the operational headaches associated with multiplying third party tags. Below, CEO Manu Mathew describes the Visual IQ approach in more detail.

“Visual IQ is not seeking certification as a Facebook ad tracking vendor – as we have been tracking Facebook ads for several years without the need for our clients to place an additional tag on their ads – as is the case with those providers who are currently obtaining certification.

Because of the data-agnostic, pixel-less tracking methodology we utilize at Visual IQ, our clients who are already using existing tools that track Facebook won’t have to spend time creating, placing and trafficking yet another tag from another vendor.  Why reinvent the wheel and double the work? And if someone drops the ball and forgets to tag a single ad with the new tag (which actually happens quite frequently in the media buying world), the entire data set could be compromised.

Visual IQ utilizes 100% of the data from any of our clients’ existing technologies that already track their Facebook advertising efforts. As others spend crucial time and resources navigating the Facebook waters which have been already successfully solved by our clients’ existing technology partners, we continue to solve the problems and challenges that marketers face in understanding how their cross channel media is performing and how best to optimize media budgets using attribution.”

By Zach Rodgers

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