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He Said What? AdExchanger’s Most Popular Opinions Of 2018


AdExchanger’s opinion columns present sharp arguments that illuminate specific industry challenges and provide critical insight that can help readers do their jobs better. The very best columns are engaging, on-point and fun to read.

Our 10 most popular op-eds of 2018 below delivered on each count.

We have to give a gold star to Martin Kihn (formerly of Gartner and now at Salesforce), author of three of our most-read columns. Not far behind is MightyHive, the consultancy recently acquired by S4 that contributed two of our top columns.

Will we see another AdExchanger op-ed written by Kihn and MightyHive in 2019? Perhaps only their new handlers know for sure (wink wink).

Did Google Just Kill Independent Attribution?

By Martin Kihn

Google sent shockwaves through the industry in late April when it announced that it would restrict buyers’ use of the DoubleClick ID. Kihn puts the controversial move under the glass and predicts the likely winners and losers (sorry, independent MTA vendors).

What Is This Thing We Call A CDP?

By Martin Kihn

People have long griped about the digital advertising industry’s obsession with the latest shiny object. The newest shiny acronym to hit is the CDP (customer data platform). Kihn breaks down the pros and cons of the tech that aspires to bridge marketers’ siloed data and systems.

A Closer Look At Demand-Path Optimization: Why Humans Matter


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By Erik Requidan

Supply-path optimization is increasingly used to help buyers find the most efficient and cost-effective route to the ad inventory they want. But some publishers are trying to meet them halfway from the other direction. Intermarket’s Erik Requidan explains.

Is The DMP Finally Dead?

By Martin Kihn

As the CDP sparkles, so fades the luster of the data-management platform. But will the death rattles surrounding this third-party data workhorse ring true? Only if you want them to, Kihn opines.

The Strategic Impact Of GDPR (With Emoji)

By Ari Paparo

Ari Paparo says he’s no expert on the General Data Protection Regulation, but he is quite skilled at using flaming euros and GDPR baguettes to illustrate how this far-reaching law will affect the industry’s constituents. And if there is anyone who can more eloquently describe how sausage-making compares to ad tech, we haven’t met them.

What Will Ad Tech Consolidation Look Like?

By Pete Kim

MightyHive’s CEO gives his take on how the winners of the ad tech game will consolidate around four key strengths – an interesting view from the leader of a company that was itself just acquired.

Forget Viewability: Your Ads Aren’t Serving

By Bennett Rosenblatt

While many people are concerned about viewability, they should instead be examining whether their ads are even being served. A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how Uber discovered that exchanges aren’t monitoring their inventory for even basic issues.

Acxiom’s Next Steps And The LiveRamp Acquisition Four Years Later

By Auren Hoffman

The industry has watched Acxiom’s moves to sell all or some of its business units closely. The former CEO of LiveRamp – one of Acxiom’s prized units – provides the inside track on possible outcomes.

Google Hasn’t Killed Attribution Modeling – It Never Really Worked To Begin With

By Nico Neumann

We like strong viewpoints, and this one’s sharp elbows didn’t disappoint. (Sorry again, independent MTA vendors. You guys just can’t catch a break this year.)

The Seventh Deadly Sin Of Digital: Reach And Frequency

By Ming Wu

Another winner from MightyHive shows how marketers’ quest for reach and frequency can lead them to the dark side.

Must Read

It’s Open Season On SaaS As Brands Confront Their Own Subscription Fatigue

For CFOs and CEOs, we’ve entered a kind of open hunting season on martech SaaS.

Brian Lesser Is The New Global CEO Of GroupM

If you were wondering whether Brian Lesser was planning to take some time off after handing the CEO reins of InfoSum to Lauren Wetzel last week – here’s your answer.

Comic: S.P. O'Middleman's

TripleLift CEO Dave Clark Abruptly Exits After Setting The SSP On A New Trajectory

Dave Clark, who’s led TripleLift for the past two years, is stepping down, effective immediately, and is being replaced by a coterie of TripleLifters.

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Moloco Invests In Its Competitor Topsort As The Retail Media Stakes Go Up

Topsort can lean into Moloco’s algorithmic personalization, while Moloco benefits from Topsort’s footprint with local retailers in the US and in Latin America.

CDP BlueConic Acquires First-Party Data Collection Startup Jebbit

On Wednesday, customer data platform BlueConic bought Jebbit, which creates quizzes, surveys and other interactive online plugs for collecting data from customers.

Comic: The Showdown (Google vs. DOJ)

The DOJ’s Witness List For The Google Antitrust Trial Is A Who’s Who Of Advertising

The DOJ published the witness list for its upcoming antitrust trial against Google, and it reads like the online advertising industry’s answer to the Social Register.