Neo@Ogilvy COO Smith Says The Advertising Agency Model Needs To Drop -Advertising- From Its Title

neo-at-ogilvyGreg Smith is COO at Neo@Ogilvy, a full-service digital and direct media company and division of OgilvyOne Worldwide. What trends are you seeing on the client-side in 2009? How will 2010 take shape in your opinion?

GS: Clients are discovering ROI, metrics, data. 2010 will look more like 2008 than 2009.

Does media deserve a bigger seat at the strategy table with the client and creative agency? In your experience, have DR metrics made it (or should they) into the high level, strategic conversations with clients on target segmentation and brand positioning?

Media and data are more important than creative. The first validates creative, the second represents the largest investment.

Is placement and context less important than audience? What has spurred the move towards addressable media?

All work together. For CPA, response rate matters the most. For branding, the right context gets the right audience.

In the future, what challenges must the agency model overcome in order to remain relevant its client base?

Drop the word “advertising” from its title. Marketing is much bigger and consumers are better at avoiding advertising.

How does the ad exchange model uniquely provide opportunity for advertisers?

It doesn’t. Just another way to commodify cheap inventory.

What are your thoughts on demand-side optimization and real-time bidding (RTB)? An opportunity for advertisers and agencies?

Another tactic, but I’m not sure it’s a game-changer.

Is attribution still a challenge? Is the view-through conversion accepted by your clients? Any solutions out there that show promise for solving attribution – whether internal or external?

We’re using more reliable data feeds and advanced analytics to improve measures of direct/indirect attribution. Still a long way from perfect.

Can you discuss Neo’s experience with B3, WPP’s trading network? Is this the technology platform Neo@Ogilvy needs for a future that includes the trading of online media through an exchange?

Can’t discuss.

What recommendation would you make to those beginning a career in media? What skills need to be acquired to insure future success?

Understanding of numbers, analytics. Good communication skills.

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  1. You’re going to recommend the importance of good communication skills after an entire interview of 1 sentence answers?