Podcast: Goodway Seeks A Better Way To Do Programmatic

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Jay Friedman, our podcast guest this week, came up with the concept for a recent AdExchanger comic depicting a marketer running on a “brand safety” treadmill while scarfing down “cheap CPM” cupcakes.

The point: You can’t have it both ways.

In this week’s episode, Friedman throws some more good-natured shade about marketers’ self-inflicted wounds. For instance, he says of marketers who avoid the confusion of multi-touch attribution vendors by not doing MTA at all, “That’s like saying, I didn’t know which life vest to buy so I just went on the boat without one.”

Friedman also tells the story of Goodway Group, the third-generation family business that employs him as chief operating officer. Classically a print and direct marketing agency, Goodway has built out a biddable media practice that serves three sets of clients: regional agencies, franchisees of national brands and marketer-direct business.

“Strategy is underrated in programmatic,” he says. “Everyone thinks about the trading and the bidding and the platform. That’s complicated, but there is a significant amount of strategy before and after the buying is done.”

Goodway takes special pride in the pre-work involved in programmatic. The company has developed tools to value impressions on a pre-bid basis by forecasting media attributes, floor prices and probability of the user to convert.

Also in this episode: The hard work of measuring sales lift, how the industry got obsessed with “working media dollars” and the persistent faith in walled garden measurement.

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  1. great podcast. but i’m confused why google or oath grading their own homework via attribution is not okay, but goodway grading their own homework with their own internally baked attribution product, is okay?

    • Mike – good distinction/nuance you’ve pointed out. With Oath it’s likely less of a problem because I’m pretty sure they’re ok with an advertiser bringing in 3P attribution (which we are as well.) However, Google doesn’t provide log-level data for its search and makes much of the rest of it difficult to access outside of its own environment. We provide our attribution as a service with the difference being that if someone would like to use another party to grade our homework, we’re totally ok with that.

  2. Great podcast! I haven’t seen a lot of content around attribution reform on AdExchanger and appreciate a fresh perspective. As a trader, I wholeheartedly agree that widely accepted attribution models (ie last touch) are inhibiting the potential of programmatic advertising. When measurement is aligned with sales, we will be able to see the true value.