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Pew Finds Almost Everyone Who Is Anyone Is Using Internet; Tremor Media Looks To Brands; ComScore Sees 4% Increase for E-Commerce; Paywalls For Everyone


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Internet StatsPewing The Internet

Pew Internet has released its latest findings from a survey conducted last month on “Internet, broadband, and cell phone statistics.” Though it didn’t find many trends as most results were flat compared to the previous study, there is a cornucopia of useful metrics for PowerPoint presentations such as: “74% of American adults use the internet; 60% of American adults use broadband connections at home; and 55% of American adults connect to the internet wirelessly.” Read more.

Search And Display

MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan declares that recent mobile investments by Google (AdMob) and Apple (Quattro Wireless) “will likely support search and display advertising” and makes her proof with the help of Patrick Moorhead, VP and director of mobile platforms at agency, Draftcb. Microsoft Mobile Media group’s Jamie Wells chimes in, too, and agrees with the supposition that “search and display marketing on mobile will become a major marketing strategy.” Read more.

Quantcast On Mobile

Quantcast released its research on the mobile landscape with its “2009 Mobile Web Trends Report.” Among the findings, mobile device pageviews increased 148% globally year-over-year and 110% in North America in 2009. Get the PDF here.

Startup Visas

Jessica Vascellaro of The Wall Street Journal covers the startup visa movement begun by Foundry Group’s Brad Feld and aimed at attracting and keeping talented non-U.S. citizens in the U.S. with the idea that their entrepreneurial endeavors help create jobs and tax revenue, at the very least. Read more.

Engaging Brands With Video

Tremor media announced a slew of new products which appear focused toward the brand marketer looking to drive engagement. Adam Kasper, SVP at Media Contacts performs the quote in the release saying, “Advertisers want to move beyond pre-roll in online video to solutions that support interactivity and engagement.” Engage release here.


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Tobaccowala On Customer Cranium

Publicis/VivaKi’s Rishad Tobaccowala reaches into the mind of the customer (mwa ha ha ha!) to deliver ways that marketers can turn ’em on before they turn ’em off. From a Q&A in Qn, a Yale School of Management publication, Tobaccowala quotes Shakespeare and then updates for the ’10s: “‘Take the current when it serves, or prepare to lose thy ventures,’ which, in Americanese, is ‘go with the flow, man.'” Smoke here. Need more Rishad? How about this piece on “Key Future Moves” in the India Times.

Old People Can’t Innovate

Chris O’Brien of the San Jose Mercury News sticks a sequoia in Sequoia Capital’s eye when he suggests that there may be some age bias going on at the venerable VC firm. Douglas Leone, a partner at Sequoia Capital, said at a recent Sloan MIT event that the firm invests in “people under 30 because people over the age of 30 can’t innovate.” Wha? Come on, old people! Grab your canes and walkers and let’s get these guys! Read more.

Maybe Later For AOL

Imran Khan is not letting up. After publishing his online ad market outlook for 2010, he’s researching AOL and saying – you’re going to have wait until late 2011 for a feel-good story. According to Dow Jones Newswire, Khan delivers this damning line: “It will take time to remedy a decade of lack of innovation.” Oof. Read more.

[x+1] Hires CMO And Media Maven

Perianne Grignon, who according to Joe Mandese of MediaPost, is “one of the most influential ‘client-side’ buyers of media over the past two decades,” has been hired by demand-side platform provider, [x+1], to become its VP of Media Strategy and CMO. Most recently the former SVP of marketing at the OPA, Grignon also ran media ops for Sears as {x+1] CEO John Nardone taps his media roots to fill out his executive team. Read more on MediaPost. Or, read the release.

Holidays Bring E-Commerce Presents

ComScore has released its latest research for consumer e-Commerce spending for the months of November and December and the news is sparkling for online retailers who enjoyed a 4% boost from last year. And, there’s this nugget, too: “Tuesday, Dec. 15 ranked as the heaviest online spending day of the year – and of all time – at $913 million, one of nine individual spending days to surpass $800 million during the 2009 holiday season.” Read the release.

Atherton Vs. Netzer

In a battle that raged over the holidays on the Brand.net blog, Brand.net COO Andy Atherton took issue with DoubleVerify sending out its release on December 23, normally a quiet time of year for PR. Atherton wrote, “The Bush White House used this tactic to announce Koran abuse at Gitmo and the indictment of Scooter Libby. Netzer, not backing down in the spirit of the holidays, fired back in the comments and complimented Atherton on his imagination. Read more.

2010 = Paywall

A piece from Economist.com covers the paywall tsunami that they think will cover the Internet content landscape in 2010. The canary in the cave: (depending on how you look at it) a News Corp website for a small, local Masschussetts newspaper will begin charging for access to its website this January. It will be “$3.37 a week to continue reading about high-school basketball games and local disputes over windmills.” Read it.

Experts Are Dumb

Entrepreneur Ben Casnocha provides his “14 Thoughts on Advice Giving and Receiving.” (What happened to round numbers?). I liked #10: “People who are “unconsciously competent” are not the best people to ask for advice. True experts often can’t explain what they’re doing and why.” Read more.


Yes, cojones. These are the basis of a successful entrepreneur according to GRP Partners’ Mark Suster in a repost of his Venture Hacks series. Where does this leave women? Not sure. Other than the title of the piece, there’s lots of good advice for budding entrepreneurs. Read more.

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