NBC Bought By Comcast; IAB’s Rothenberg Talks Exchanges; Khan Says AOL To Pull Premium From Advertising.com

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Comcast Buys NBCNBC Bought

In a deal worth $30 billion, Comcast will purchase NBC from General Electric according to Tim Arango of The New York Times. In fact, the deal creates a new company that will combine NBC with Comcast companies such as Versus and E Entertainment and gives GE 49% of the company in addition to $6 billion + in cash. Read more.

Rothenberg Talks Exchanges

Australia’s Business Spectator has published an interview with IAB chief Randall Rothenberg and he’s talking exchanges! Rothenberg says, “In bringing market-pricing and clearing mechanisms to the trading of advertising, time and space is a logical extension of something that’s been happening in the sourcing arena for years, even decades.” Read it.

Geo-Targeting Display

In a forecast by research firm, a new forecast from BIA/Kelsey, geo-target display ad revenue is expected to increase nearly 2/3 from today reaching $2 billing. BizReport’s Kristina Knight covers the research and notes BIA’s prediction that geo will take up 15% of the entire display ad pie by 2013.Read it.

AOL Taking On The Internet

Burst Media’s Jarvis Coffin says half-jokingly that AOL is planning to go head-to-head with the Internet in a recent blog post on the Burst Media blog. He’s not convinced about AOL’s new content strategy and writes, “I’m sorry, what potential is missing from content online and exactly how much more revolutionary does Aol. expect that content development is going to get?” Read more.

Pulling Premium

Is AOL slowly pulling the plug on Ad.com? No, but the ad network giant is losing access to AOL “premium” inventory according to JP Morgan’s Imran Khan. Busines Insider’s Nicholas Carlson quotes from Khan’s client notes that suggest Yahoo! premium inventory will actually benefit from AOL moving it’s premium off of Ad.com. Less “premium” inventory at low prices is a good thing for Yahoo!’s efforts to sell it’s direct, “premium” inventory reasons Khan. Read more.

Are You Certified?

Claiming significant performance improvement using BlueKai data, MediaMath announced that it has joined BlueKai’s certified partners program. Erich Wasserman, MediaMath co-founder and VP of Account, said the release, “Using impression-level bidding against in-market auto shopping data from BlueKai, MediaMath was able to deliver five times the targeting accuracy at 20 percent of the cost.”Read the release.

Buying The Lobby

Want to target “audience” in the lobby of apartment buildings? Though digital out-of-home (DOOH) Onestop Media Group, now you can according to a report on Digital Singage Expo which writes, “Onestop Media Group has announced the launch of Onestop Residential comprised of digital signage in high-traffic common areas of high-rise residential buildings.” Read it.

Global Retargeting

Rubicon Project Jayne Leung gives readers of Media.Asia a quick tutorial on ad networks in the Asian market. Among her bullet points, Leung says that advertiser retargeting campaigns across ad networks is changing the game annd that audience can also be bought across geographies. Read more.