The Big Story: Decision 2020 – CPRA, And Also That Other Thing

The Big Story podcast

Oh God, will this election never end?

This week on The Big Story, we get into That, and how the results whatever they might be at the time of writing, might potentially impact paid media. Will a Biden win make politics boring again, causing news publications to lose audience?

Of course, a peaceful transfer of power is but a pipe dream (Never thought I’d be typing that sentence as it relates to an American election), so it’s likely that audiences are still going to be stuck to their screens even after the counts are finished.

There’s also ample opportunity to help people through this wretched national experience with content meant to relax and calm. Plus, CTV continues its acceleration. All of which is to say there are incalculable factors and sub-factors and sub-sub-factors impacting what comes next and how the media world will respond.

But we’ll try to do some scenario planning.

And if scenario planning doesn’t have you titillated, you’ll swoon when you hear about our other topic: regulation. That’s right, CCPA 2.0 (more properly known as The Consumer Privacy Rights Act) passed on Tuesday, California’s draconian amendment to the CCPA.

So what’s the diff and what’s a busy, privacy-compliant marketer to do? We’ll dig in on that as well.

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