RTB Capitulation And Ad Tech Acquisitions By Agencies In 2012 Says Fox News’ Steinberg

2012 PredictionsThe 2012 version of the AdExchanger.com “predictions” piece comes with a twist as a selection of industry execs offer their thoughts on the following question:

“What’s going to happen next year in advertising that hasn’t happened before? And why?”

Jeremy Steinberg, Vice President, Digital Sales & Business Development – FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network, offers his views.

2012 will be the year of…

Transparent Automated Buying & Selling
Real Time Bidding will be embraced by all those that sit on the fence. Agency Trading Desks will consolidate power and make acquisitions in ad technology. Audience targeted upfront will provide an easy way for marketers to shift money into Digital.

Premium Data
Ad technology and data services will help premium publishers prove to marketers that quality branded content matched with audience data and custom insights works better than anything else.

Video Landscape Starts Shifting
Increased viewership of IP-based video and the availability of more Broadcast and Cable Network video content will focus spending on traditional media companies and premium distributors.

Digital Becomes More Mobile
HTML5 mobile web apps and increased mobile second screen usage will drive a complete rethink of not only the mobile ad experience but Digital advertising as a whole.

Damn You, Social
The struggle to help marketers achieve their social media objectives will continue as no one, not even the marketer, really knows how to quantify value.

Premium = View-ability
Viewable impressions (principle #1 of the 3MS Initiative) will become the new normal as premium publishers further differentiate themselves from the rest of the web.

eCommerce Media
E-Commerce media will finally hit the mainstream as marketers and retailers uncover data exhaust, search spending alternatives and new revenue opportunities.

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