At Some Point In The Future There Won’t Be Digital Ad Agencies Says ANA’s Duggan

2012 PredictionsThe 2012 version of the “predictions” piece comes with a twist as a selection of industry execs offer their thoughts on the following question:

“What’s going to happen next year in advertising that hasn’t happened before? And why?”

Bill Duggan, Group Executive Vice President of the Association Of National Advertisers (ANA), offers his views.

At some point in the future there won’t be digital ad agencies. We won’t be talking about digital advertising or digital media. And the ANA will no longer have our Digital Marketing Committee. As digital becomes entrenched in all aspects of our lives, digital will be a given rather than a term used to define a special type of advertising agency or medium.

My specific prediction for 2012 is that the advertising industry will stop using the term “digital” in front of the word “agency.” To use the term digital advertising agency implies that there are also non-digital advertising agencies. And if any such agencies really still exist, they will soon be extinct.

So death to digital – at least in as it relates to digital advertising agencies.

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  1. I agree – the brands are going to start doing some of this in house, and/or the major agencies are consolidating services. The pressure comes from both sides and is inevitable.