Buying Based On Social Trends: IPG Mediabrands Smooths Out Its Process With Taykey

taykey-repriseSocial listening data is often used only to influence social campaigns. Siloes within agencies can keep it from informing media campaigns in other channels.

IPG Mediabrands, for instance, has multiple media buying agencies, including a search and social unit called Reprise Media as well as its trading desk, Cadreon.

Reprise and Cadreon made a good effort to work together, with Reprise handing off data trend reports for Cadreon to consider during its programmatic buys. But the process was … well, a bit of a process.

A few weeks ago, one of Reprise’s partners, the audience data company Taykey, introduced a solution where it would hand over its social listening data to inform buys in the open exchange. Now, Cadreon can automatically integrate Taykey’s technology into its DMP to buy in real-time inventory on articles trending on social media.

Reprise Media had used Taykey in the past to place TrueView buys on trending content through YouTube and Google Display Network. Taykey’s data kept its keyword list up to date and its search copy relevant, and it shaped the planning process for tent-pole events based on social trends.

“Taykey has made insights more agile, especially for things like social and search that are all real time,” said Keri Zuckerman, VP group director at Reprise Media. “That extends to programmatic, where real time is auction-based and things are changing so quickly. It’s that connective tissue that allows us to be top of trends and in front of the audiences we are looking to engage with to shape our future media-buying strategies.”

Buying against real-time trends also opens up inventory and uncovers new audiences.

Zuckerman, for example, was surprised to find that a campaign about kittens, targeting adults aged 18 to 49, resonated highly with gaming enthusiasts.

“That informed Taykey’s technology to continue to hop on those key moments – a PlayStation release, an Xbox update – and then activate on that new announcement,” she said.

Taykey’s reporting helps Mediabrands agencies understand why certain buys make sense, even if they look bizarre.

“Maybe Reuters wrote a story about Kim Kardashian, and everyone’s sharing it because it’s the first one out,” said Jon Nevitt, VP of marketing at Taykey. “If you look at a top-level domain report, you’ll say, ‘Why are you targeting Reuters for millennial females?’ We can roll it up and show them why it makes sense.”

Reprise looks for metrics in Taykey’s reporting like brand lift, brand awareness and engagement, such as view-through rates. When looking at data from nine brands in Q4, Reprise saw view-through rates of 24%. That’s 33% above the industry benchmark of 18%.

For now, Taykey is integrated with all major agency trading desks and DoubleClick Bid Manager. It will launch an integration with AppNexus this fall.

Updated view through rate metrics. 

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