Programmatic Convergence

Kolin Kleveno

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There’s a growing need for marketers to unify their ad buying across social, mobile app, CTV and other digital channels. Luckily that dream is moving closer to reality, as these channels are increasingly addressable.

Less luckily, measurement is backsliding in this converged buying modality as the industry finally puts privacy ahead of profit and clamps down on the kind of data wildcatting that defined the first 25 years of internet advertising. This is a positive trend overall, but it endangers the whole prospect of cross-channel analytics, reach & frequency management and optimization. The silos are breaking down, but marketers are still flying blind.

In this episode, Tinuiti SVP of addressable media Kolin Kleveno describes the opportunity and pain of managing programmatic across channels.

“I’m not losing sleep over being able to target. There’s going to be so many different solutions, from Google FLoC in the privacy sandbox to Unified ID 2.0 to tried and true contextual placements,” he says. “It’s more around the measurement. That is where it gives me anxiety. There’s just so much. What will be tracked? For how long? Is it easy to extract that? Can you move that into a clean room? Can clients have their own clean room?”

To overcome the uncertainty, he recommends that advertisers set up rigorous test-and-learn agendas – and make hay while the sun shines.

“When we have the data coming in from cookies and IDFAs for maybe another month, we can start benchmarking performance and then build out those proxies for when the data ceases to exist or be at our fingertips,” he says.

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1 Comment

  1. Great episode and outstanding questions from Zach. So many people promising that they can provide unified omnichannel, when the ecosystem clearly doesn’t permit it.