Right Media Head McGrory Discusses New Products, Yahoo! Commitment To RMX, More

Right Media ExchangeRight Media chief Ramsey McGrory discussed RM’s new Audience Sharing product and answers to a selection of questions from Tuesday’s Right Media forum.

AdExchanger.com: What is the purpose of Audience Sharing?

RM: Audience Sharing enables Segment Owners and Segment Users to share, manage and monetize audiences at scale. Advertisers have a very specific audience in mind when they launch a campaign and ad exchanges have been at the forefront of developing advertising technologies that help better reach those audiences and deliver a more relevant advertising experience for the consumer. Audience Sharing is the latest capability Right Media is offering to enable more efficient audience-based buying, while delivering more relevant ads to consumers.

Can you go more in depth on the “recency” component to audience sharing and why it’s important?

Recency is an element of how we attribute performance to a specific segment.  For example, a Segment User may be interested in delivering advertising to two audiences, and they want to engage those audiences based on segments provided by multiple segment owners.  Impressions for an audience with a cookie that has both segments A and B will often appear and then it needs to be determined which segment drove the value.  Recency is used to help make the determination.  The segment the user most recently joined wins.  This ensures that the Segment User is getting an impression that most accurately reflects the user’s current attributes in the marketplace.

How is Audience Sharing different than what’s offered elsewhere? Can you provide a use case?

Other major advertising platforms do not enable Segment Owners to share, manage and monetize their audience segments at scale. We have the largest media marketplace, so when Right Media Exchange Segment Owners decide to share their segments, they are immediately actionable against an enormous media marketplace.

From a corporate strategy point of view, can you address Yahoo!’s commitment to Right Media Exchange?

Putting on my Yahoo! hat for this answer, I’d say the proof is in the pudding. Yahoo! is committed to our exchange and demonstrates it every day by placing all its non-guaranteed inventory on the exchange.

What can you tell us about the product roadmap for RMX?

We’re planning a full product roadmap for 2011, particularly in the areas of Audience Management, Trust & Safety and Yield and ROI maximization.

How does Right Media Exchange fit with APT?  Is APT still moving forward?

Yahoo! continues to invest in two major ad platforms- APT and Right Media. They serve different needs and for now the two will remain separate. APT continues to support Yahoo’s guaranteed inventory and 350 newspaper publisher’s inventory (as part of our newspaper consortium).

What about global support and expansion of RMX?

Right Media is the largest ad exchange and has a global presence with inventory in over 90 countries and, as a result, can support global buying and selling. In addition to North America, we’re in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. We’re focused on continuing to grow in those regions.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about RMX?

Maybe the biggest misconception about The Right Media Exchange is that it is an ad network, a clearing house or billing solution, or a principal in the advertising transaction.  The reality is that Right Media’s extensible technology platform enables users to access and process data about the available advertising space from their own applications which connect with Right Media’s APIs. The Right Media Exchange has more than 200,000 active buyers (advertisers and agencies) and sellers (publishers) of advertising space on Web-based properties, six to eight billion daily impressions, and 500,000 circulating creatives, and we are squarely focused on making sure that trust and safety are key pillars of our community.

By John Ebbert

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  1. Bob McKearny

    When do you plan on fixing the UI update bugs and poor CPA performance? Do you realize advertisers are creating thousands of line items of the same campaign to get around your algorithm?