Sociomantic Expands CRM Strategy; Twitter Programmatic

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Sociomantic’s CRM Play

Ecommerce retargeting firm Sociomantic is teaming up with Revenue Management Systems to serve personalized ads online through Sociomantic’s CRM system. “Synchronizing customer data and inventory information with digital marketing lets travel suppliers reach the right consumers in real time, with offers just right for who they are, their travel intent and their place in the purchase funnel,” said Eric Nordling, COO of Revenue Management Systems. Read the release.

Twitter Programmatic

Last Saturday, Ameet Ranadive, product manager at Twitter, went long form in a post on Medium titled “Demystifying Programmatic Marketing and RTB.”  Ranadive starts by defining: “At a high level, Programmatic Marketing is the practice of implementing an automated set of business rules to efficiently target your most valuable customers and prospects with personalized ads.” Read it.  Insights on Twitter’s programmatic future.

Cookies Down

There is a general sentiment in the advertising world that the end of the third-party cookie is near, but the biggest tech companies could expedite the process by building their own tracking tools, The Wall Street Journal’s Elizabeth Dwoskin points out. Microsoft, Google and Facebook are all in the process of developing cross-device tracking technology that would be more powerful than third-party cookies, and would likely have more robust opt-out options for consumers. “There is a Battle Royal brewing,” said Scott Meyer, chief executive of Evidon Inc. “Whoever controls access to all that data can charge rent for it — and has a tremendous advantage going forward.” Read more.

DNT Children

Children, and even babies, are spending more time online due to mobile device proliferation, so Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., and Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, are introducing a “Do Not Track Kids” Act as an update to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. The updated provision would prevent advertisers from serving targeted ads to anyone under 15 and would also allow kids and parents to erase collected information online. Read the senator’s release.

Loyal Acquisition

First Data has acquired Perka, a cardless loyalty program, AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher reports. “The loyalty industry is quickly changing with the advent of mobile everywhere, from being proprietary and closed, to open,” said Perka CEO Alan Chung about the deal. “We saw a real synergy with First Data and of their vision going forward, in which loyalty is a critical component as a tool of local merchants.” Read more.

LinkedIn: A Very Mobile Q3

LinkedIn saw its Marketing Solutions business hit $89 million – a 38% year-over-year increase. With the late-July launch of self-serve native ad units, content marketing continues to drive interest from marketers. Although it’s still new, the number of customers running Sponsored Updates campaigns is now over 1,000, and two-thirds of it is mobile due to higher CTRs, executives said on the Q3 earnings call. Thirty-eight percent of unique LinkedIn visitors now come through mobile. Earnings release.

IAB Tryin’ Hard Enough?

Chief Digital Investment Officer Ari Bluman of WPP’s media group, GroupM, takes a critical look at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and various industry pain points in an AdAge op-ed. “Overall, is IAB doing enough? Progress could be faster, but it’s doing better than anyone else. None of what IAB and its members are doing will satisfy marketers if the recommendations aren’t quickly put into practice. If sellers don’t adopt the viewable impression and the Quality Assurance Guidelines as soon as possible, the whole industry will be held down.” Read more.

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