The Mobile Cookie Jar; Consolidation Nation

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The Mobile Cookie Jar

In a new report, the Federal Trade Commission details its latest survey of mobile ads aimed at kids and warns developers that collection practices are far too opaque industry wide. Among other shortcomings, “Parents are not being provided with information about what data an app collects, who will have access to that data, and how it will be used.” It said just 20% of apps reviewed by its staff disclosed privacy practices.” FTC statement. Report download. The LA Times notes, “The FTC said Monday it is launching investigations to determine if certain mobile apps developers have violated COPPA or have engaged in unfair or deceptive trade practices.” Read that.

FBX: Costco Caviar

In a piece on eConsultancy, AdRoll President Adam Berke waxes poetic on the many splendors of Facebook Exchange. He writes, “When it comes to retargeting, FBX is like buying Beluga caviar at Costco. There’s not only tremendous volume, but also an exceptionally high-quality product. All impressions are above the fold and remain viewable regardless of how the user scrolls. “ AdRoll is an FBX partner. More.

AKQA Knocks ‘Paid’

AKQA is unique among digital agencies not only in that it bridges the gap between creative and media, but it can think in offline terms, as AdWeek’s Chris Heine observes. But despite his agency’s big media unit, Chairman Tom Bedecarre has harsh words for paid media: “I think the generation of digital natives is very savvy about how to avoid ads. They have a cynical view of ads. It’s an app world. They want utility and value and embrace it when they get it,” he says. Time for programmatic to get more useful? More.

Fred’s Ad Buckets

On his personal blog, Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson talks ads and says he sees two big online ad buckets, ”ones that are bought, and ones that are sold.” Wilson further applauds the reaction to the movement to programmatic buys, which is the rise of native advertising, which will also promote more automation. “When you think about an advertising revenue model, you need to think about one of two things; scale or niche,” Wilson says. “Scale means hundreds of millions of impressions a month or more. Niche means a valuable audience that advertisers will pay a premium for. But even if you are going for the niche approach, you will still need to have a lot of impressions.” Read more.

Consolidation Nation

Michael Bloomberg is deciding whether to acquire Financial Times and add it to his company’s existing market news and information systems. The idea is that the FT, which is owned by Pearson, would add some old media gravitas to Bloomberg’s terminal, reports the NYT’s Amy Chozick and Michael Barbaro. “Someone said the only people buying newspapers these days are billionaires with egos,” Bloomberg recalled. “And then he looked at me and said, ‘Like you, Mike.’” Read the rest.

Google’s Bermuda Tax Map

Google’s ad strategy is almost as rich and complex as its tax strategy, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Jesse Drucker. The search giant has allegedly been able to avoid paying roughly $2 billion in global income taxes in last year by moving $9.8 billion in revenues into a Bermuda shell company, the reports says, citing financial filings. The European Union, which often seems to be cracking down on Google for one thing or another, is investigating. Matt Brittin, Google’s VP for Northern and Central Europe, testified that the company pays taxes where it creates “economic value,” primarily the U.S. Read more.

Vertical Sales Makeover

All Things D’s Kara Swisher has her Yahoo microphones turned way up and hears that new COO Henrique De Castro will move the sales org to a “category” model…. What’s that mean? Swisher writes, “Sales reps will sell all of Yahoo’s ad products, as well as its search offerings, in a vertical process organized around advertiser segments, such as automotive, entertainment and packaged goods.” Read more.

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