The ANA Weighs In On The Election Results; Google And Facebook Warm Up To Third Parties

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On a day when many in the primarily blue-state ad sector found themselves reeling over Donald Trump’s presidential upset, the ANA detailed what it sees as the upside. Its blog post declared a Republican win could alleviate the sector’s tax burden, remake the Supreme Court to protect advertising-related free speech, focus attention on data security issues and rein in regulators (it specifically called out the FCC’s new privacy rules for ISPs). Read it. These are fairly typical “benefits” one might expect from a trade org heralding a Republican victory, but will they apply in Trump’s case? It seems equally possible that his presidency could hurt advertising interests if he lashes out at the news media that have arrayed against him. Consider his opposition to AT&T-Time Warner. In a research note, Evercore cited risks associated with overseas talent scarcity and “law and order” data incursions.

Cella Irvine Passes Away

Cella Irvine, a veteran who worked in the agency, publisher and ad tech world, has passed away after a fight with cancer. During her career, she was often hired to fix broken-down companies. Even when fighting these uphill battles, Irvine was highly respected and esteemed by her employees and peers. Many remembered her kindness and her encouragement. After a stint at Digitas, Irvine spent three years reviving the About Group and her tenure ended after the unit – which was owned at the time by The New York Times – experienced a modest revenue increase. In 2011, she became CEO of Vibrant Media. A tough job followed: Vibrant at the time was no longer profitable – and an expected IPO had never materialized. Irvine’s purview was to patch the company back together and she went on a hiring spree in a bid to reclaim the glory days. However, Irvine and the board decided to part ways two years later.

Special Treatment

Google and Facebook are warming to third-party measurement, but they’re not being transparent about tag implementation, Mike Shields reports for The Wall Street Journal. Facebook and YouTube don’t allow agencies to implement their own tags on web videos, but rather rely on custom integrations in which they often alter tag code. Buyers fear that Facebook and Google are being given special treatment by the measurement community. “It is key that qualified vendors … be able to measure for themselves, not just evaluate measurement provided by the publisher,” said Lyle Schwarz, director of implementation, research and marketplace analysis at GroupM. Facebook, of course, denies these claims, with measurement partner Moat at its side. More.

Plugging In Addressable

Toyota will run an addressable TV campaign in lieu of a national TV buy for the Prius Prime. The automaker can show ads for the plug-in hybrid car to households with car leases about to expire. That targeting option that has attracted other automakers like Hyundai and Volvo to addressable. Additionally, Toyota is looking for drivers aged 18-49 with a household income over $75,000, which it can also factor in. While automakers have been early adopters to tech, addressable ads account for just over 1% of all TV spend. Read on.


Google shut down a malware attack on AdSense that drove downloads of an illegal banking fraud trojan on Chrome for Android, Ars Technica reports. The attack affected more than 300,000 devices, as users were tricked by seemingly harmless file names such as “last-browser-update.apk” and “WhatsApp.apk.” The incident comes shortly after Google shut down a malvertising campaign on AdWords that affected Mac computers. “There were multiple occasions in the past two months when these ads found their way onto AdSense,” said researchers from Russian anti-malware lab Kaspersky Lab. “Similar attacks have been occurring up to the present time, with the most recent attack registered on 19 October 2016.” Careful what you download. More.

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