Picard On A Few Good DSPs And Display; InterCLICK Reports, Sees Growth Ahead; Publishers Need To Take Data-Driven Plunge

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Picard On DSPs And Display

On Imedia Connection, Microsoft’s Eric Picard writes a think piece titled: “DSPs: What they really are and why you should care.” Picard references last week’s “A Few Good DSPs” video by GCA Savvian’s Terence Kawaja and says in regards to the video’s theme: “This particular debate about DSPs lowering the yield of publisher impressions was one I hadn’t heard articulated before.” He then offers his view on underlying factors driving the DSP model and related innovation concluding, “Paid search impressions are a tiny fraction of display impressions today, yet drive half the revenue in online advertising. This could change significantly if we can drive enough bid density on a small fraction of display inventory that represents valuable audiences.” Read it – good stuff here.

InterCLICK On Q1; Sees Growth Ahead

InterCLICK announced its Q1 earnings on Tuesday which revealed that “Operating loss was $(0.3 million) in Q1 2010, net income was $0.2 million, and earnings per share was $0.01.” In its forward-looking statements the company said it “expects Q2 revenue to exceed $20 million, which would represent an accelerated year-over-year growth rate of at least 88%, and an increase from previous guidance of $17 million.” Read the release.

Publishers Should Jump In

Paul DeBraccio of Interevco, a publisher rep firm, shares his thoughts about the emerging demand-side platform (DSP) space and the publisher’s dilemma around the decoupling of data and media – and trying to keep the publisher “ship” afloat. Debraco advocates for technology in the end, “They can close the door by jumping in with both feet and with their eyes wide open. I do not see many other alternatives.” Read more on MinOnline.

Facebook Display Catching Up

Pulling from ComScore data to be released publicly this week, The Wall Street Journal’s Jessica Vascellaro observes that Facebook is catching up to Yahoo! and Microsoft in display advertising. ComScore CMO Linda Abraham cautions about the data saying that “The data partially reflected the impact of a Facebook redesign that allowed the company to squeeze more ads on some pages.” Read The WSJ. ClickZ’s Jack Marshall notes that these numbers do not include the impressions flowing through the Right Media Exchange. Read his piece.

Microsoft Mobile Display On Iphone

Microsoft Mobile Advertising product marketing manager, Jim Tarr, announces that Microsoft is “moving beyond the banner with mobile rich media” and offers screenshots on an Iphone. Tarr writes about targeting capabilities with Microsoft’s Rich Media which provides “targeting capabilities already offered by Microsoft Mobile (MSFT’s smartphone biz) including Device & Carrier and coming soon Demographic and Geo targeting.” Read more.

Targeting The Political Vertical

Attitudinal targeting company, Resonate, introduced a new product line that is aimed at helping “political and advocacy campaigns identify and recruit volunteers online.” This is not the first (or last) digital ad product targeting politicos. Given the dollars poured into media from aspiring and incumbent politicians, a digital product devoted to politicos makes as much sense as those devoted to CPG, financial and e-commerce. Read the release.

Reinventing The Agency

In AdWeek, Brian Morrissey and Andrew McMains review the struggles of agencies to reinvent themselves in the digital age in “The Twisting Path to New Agency Models.” In particular, the co-authors look at creative agency TBWA and its Digital Arts initiative a year after it was started. They’ve had trouble keeping top employees according to the piece. Read more.

Moscow Opens Arms To Ads

The International Advertising Association is holding its annual Congress next week in Moscow as Sir Martin Sorrell and the P&G CMO, among others, will discuss the global economy’s impact on the advertising industry. Reuters tosses out a good number to remember: $450 billion – the total global ad spend.Read more.

Brightcove And FreeWheel

Mashable’s Christina Warren reports on the Brightcove/FreeWheel partnership announced yesterday that is aimed at “better ad-management and tracking data to publishers that want to utilize HTML5 video.” Warren does a great job of breaking down what each company does and the HTML5 advantage (shhh.. mobile integration). Read more.

The Japanese Ecosystem Map

Hiroshi Kondo (@hirohirokon), who identifies himself as “ad network section manager of Septeni in Japan” takes the GCA Savvian ecosytem map and turns it into the Japanese version of the display ad ecosystem. Go now! (PDF)

SAP May Acquire Sybase

SAP, makers of business management software, is about to gobble up smaller competitor Sybase. According to Forbes national editor Quentin Hardy, SAP’s main rival, Oracle Corp., had $9 more in 2009 revenues ($24 billion) that SAP, so that may be one reason for the purchase. Hardy adds another reason: “What matters is influence, in particular the ability to offer corporate boardrooms a one-stop opportunity to solve many corporate information technology woes at once. Read it. These guys need a couple of DSPs. Or SSPs?

More Mobile Rich Media!

Medialets announced that its rich media platform for mobile which powers ad networks’ mobile solutions now provides a single source for analytics that uses a single set of creatives across all devices. Read more.

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