FCC To Become Data-Driven Says Chairman; Facebook’s Zuckerberg On Your Public Profile; Aberdeen Group – Successful Companies Store Customer Behaviors; Taxing Ad Networks In France

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Federal Communications CommissionThe Data-Driven U.S. Gov’t

At the Consumer Electronics Show last week, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said during an interview that among his priorities is “transforming the FCC into a data-driven ’21st century agency.'” Read about it on the LA Times Tech blog. In spite of the rhetoric, not everyone is pleased with the government when it comes to tech as Consumer Electronics Association President Gary Shapiro told Obama’s Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra, “The government doesn’t spur innovation or entrepreneurship. The government often gets in the way.” Read more on Digital Trends.

Zuckerberg On Privacy

Interesting take: Mark Zuckerberg would require all information to be public on Facebook from the beginning if he had it to do over again. This echoes changes made to your public FB profile in December which reveal more about who you are on the social media site. The Facebook CEO tells TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington in a video interview that “Facebook is now only reflecting the changes that society is undergoing.” ReadWriteWeb’s Richard McManus covers the interview and remains skeptical of Facebook’s new position. Read more.

PubMatic Says RTB 5% Of 2010 Display

PubMatic CEO Rajeev Goel brings the real-time bidding mantra to Mediaweek with an opinion piece for publishers and advertisers, alike. Goel offers his PubMatic’s own RTB facts and figures, too: “Just 1 percent of all online display ads were bought on an RTB basis in 2009. That number will rise dramatically to 3 to 5 percent this year.” Read more.

What Best-In-Class Do With Behavior Data

Aberdeen Group has released a new piece of sponsored research with many insights on what data-savvy/data-rich companies are doing with their data including “‘Best-in-Class’ companies are two times more likely to centralize data on customer behavior in the customer database.” And even though 61% of these companies say they’ll capture social data for their customer databases, only 18% are doing it today. Free research download here (Registration required with email, phone, name, first born, etc.).

Retail Blaming Taxes

Trade publication, The Retail Bulletin, reports that a change in the Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UK led to a 2.8% decrease in UK retail sales according to Experian FootFall data. If there was a silver lining, UK shoppers searching the Internet for last minute deals increased – helped by crappy weather which kept shoppers online rather than in-store. Read about it.

Publisher For Sale

Rumors are flying that Mashable will be acquired by AOL – at least, that’s what Business Insider says. Mashable has denied the rumors. Read more. But, former AOL-er Brent Halliburton says he’d be shocked if AOL and Tim Armstrong did NOT go on an acquistion of profitable companies using AOL’s newly-printed stock. Read more.

Taxing Ad Networks In France

Whoa, this is weird. According to Peter Sayer of IDG News Service, French Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand commissioned a report that suggests a tax on online advertising. That’s right. If you’re an ad network and making money, you’re going to pay a tax. According the report, the purpose of the tax would be “to pay the creators of artistic and other works who lose out to online piracy.” Read about it.

MDC’s Cool Kids

BNET’s Jim Edwards looks at MDC Partners’ finances and how they breakout between the holding company’s “cool” and “boring” shops. Edwards adds, “MDC claims 71 percent of its revenues come from “digital” or “non-traditional” marketing, and only 29 percent comes from old fashioned advertising. Read more about MDC’s definitions from Edwards.

Ad Exchanges And The Commodity Markets

Jerry Neumann follows up on his recent ad exchange-related post with a cautionary post on comparing today’s commodity markets with the potential of the ad exchange model. Neumann writes, “Ads right now, especially with the behavioral targeting, contextual targeting and other data layered on top, are way too varied to be traded on exchanges like commodities.” Read more.

[x+1]’s Nardone On Networks

Demand-side platform [x+1]’s CEO John Nardone says media planners who strive to optimize their network relationships by dropping the poorly performing ones after a test or two, just don’t have what it takes to truly succeed on behalf of their clients. Nardone says “that planners (and clients, for that matter) rarely have the data and analytics to make the right decisions, while the networks do everything they can to ‘game’ the system.” Read the article in OMMA magazine.

Turn HQ Photos!

Demand-side platform and ad network provider, Turn, has posted photos of their new office headquarters and… it’s official – Turn has foosball! See the pics.

Experian Turning Japanese

B-to-B Online says that Experian has acquired “an 88.5% share of A-Care Systems [which has] 1,000 clients across several Japanese sectors, including e-commerce, manufacturing and retail.” B-to-B notes that this extends Experian’s CheetahMail capabilities. Read it.

Can Microsoft Compete

Can Microsoft really compete with Google when it comes to search – let alone display? Maybe mobile will be a key as independent research firm, Show Media, reports that during last week’s Consumer Electronics Show over 10,000 Bing mobile apps were downloaded – that’s 10% of all attendees at CES. It’s a start for MSFT. Read the release.

Drinking The Digital Pepsi

Netezza’s Brad Terrell looks at the recent announcement by Pepsi to NOT buy a TV ad during the Super Bowl. Have marketing budgets dried up at Pepsi? “In fact, they are increasing their marketing budget in 2010. Pepsi is simply shifting their Super Bowl spend to the ‘Pepsi Refresh Project’ – with a heavy emphasis on digital media.” Terrell gives his take on the move regarding more good news for the digital channel as brand marketers drink the digital Pepsi. Read more.

Permuto With Gadget Graphic

In honor of last week’s Consumer Electronics show, online display ad network, Permuto, which focuses on the e-commerce space has published a cool timeline of consumer technology over the years. Ahh, the Walkman. See it. (source: Wired)

Small Agency Explosives

Andy Gould, SVP, Executive Creative Director at Biggs Gilmore, provides “A Small Agency’s Guide to Going Digital” on Ad Age. Bridging creative and media with his tips, Gould begins with: “Don’t be afraid to blow up your process. Question everything.” – an idea which could work anywhere, regardless of discipline. Read more.

Young Bid Manager Revealed

On his blog, MediaMath’s Mark Mannino explains that he took a blogging break recently from “Display and Search” because his family welcomed a baby boy who – rumor has it – was briefly named AdExchanger Mannino before calmer heads prevailed. You can see a photo of the young bid manager here.