Experian Sees Interactive Strength; Ad Networks Keep Popping Up – OneRiot, Impact Radius, Transpera, Hi-Media; E-Tailers Using Display

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Experian ReportsExperian Says “Interactive” Strong

Let the quarterly earnings reports begin! Data jack-of-all-trades Experian reported its fiscal 3rd quarter earnings which showed an 8% increase year-over-year. The UK-based company attributed the increase to strength in Latin America. According to Experian’s press release, in North America, “Organic revenue growth at Interactive was 6%. There were good performances at lead generation and PriceGrabber, helped by market recovery.” In the UK and Ireland, the results were even better, “New media performed well, helping to offset declines in traditional media. Interactive delivered strong growth, up 27%.” Read more.

Pud On Blippy

AdBrite founder, Philip “Pud” Kaplan, talks about his new startup, Blippy, in a Q&A on the WSJ’s Venture Capital Dispatch blog. Blippy allows consumers to share their online credit card purchases. Kaplan says, “You can choose on a vendor-by-vendor basis. Like automatically post all my iTunes or Zappos purchases. You can connect a credit card to Blippy.” Oh man …. between Twitter, Your Favorite IM client, Facebook, Foursquare and any other social app – how much “connectivity” do I need another connection to manage? But, the choice is yours. Read about it.

Real-Time Ad Network

According to TechCrunch, One Riot has publicly released its ad format, RiotWise, “which places content in an emphasized position in their realtime feed.” As a real-time search of Twitter feeds yields results for a keyword of a trending topic, RiotWise will place a text ad relevant to the query in the real-time stream. See more on TC.

New Google Agency Ad Portal

Google has launched a new portal for its advertising agency partners according to the Google AdWords Agency Blog. There’s a U.S. version, and a U.K. version. The key difference appears to be the spelling of “optimization” or “optimisation” – whichever you prefer.

Yahoo! And Chinese Partner Not Dancing

Reuters reports that Alibaba Group, which runs China’s largest e-commerce site, Alibaba.com, is none to pleased that Yahoo (which has 40% of Alibaba) has publicly “aligned” with Google and said that attacks on company networks are bad for business. Perhaps they’re good for Alibaba. Read more.

Cross-Channelling The Ad Network

Attribution needs to be cross-channel ideally and Impact Radius thinks it has “the right stuff.” Last week, the company announced that its platform would “connect advertisers and media partners directly for the delivery of performance campaigns across TV, radio, print and online media channels.” Read the release. Todd Crawford and Lisa Riolo, formerly of Commission Junction, lead the charge. Visit ReveNews for a feature on the company.

Entrepreneurs As Risk-Takers

On “The Baseline Scenario” blog, James Kwak, a former McKinsey consultant and Ariba product marketing dude, discusses the recent hubbub about a Malcolm Gladwell article on risk-taking. Both Kwak and Gladwell apparently agree that entrepreneurialism does not necessarily involve risk-taking. But Kwak takes exception regarding incentives for entrepreneurs saying, “The best encouragements to productive risk-taking are measures that limit the cost of failure for people who are actually creating something new, and this is one reason why Silicon Valley has been so successful. The financial risks of starting a company aren’t that big, for most people.” Read it.

Money And Mobile Ad Networks

Patrick Hoge of San Francisco Business Times says, Transpera, “a mobile video delivery and ad network, has raised $2 million of an expected $5 million round, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.” Clients already include: AP, CBS News, Disney, Discovery, Fox Reality Channel, and MTV Networks. Read the SF Biz Times. And, see the S-1.

UK Adds Network

According to Netimperative.com, Hi-media has “launched into the UK market following its acquisition of AdLINK Internet Media in July 2009” and offers reach of “more than 127 million unique users in Europe, across 9 markets.” Read more.

Discrepencies On The DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick Ad Exchange seems to have a fairly extensive help system that can be a thought-provoking read for the exchange geek. Today’s snippet comes from the help section devoted to discrepencies. “Campaign/AdGroup Performance reports can sometimes report more than 40% more impressions than what is reported at the site level, i.e., in your Placement Performance reports. This is because Placement Performance reports filter out impressions when they are below the threshold, while Campaign/AdGroup Performance reports show a census of impressions.” Read the details.

CMO Primer

Though panned in the Ad Age article’s comments for being self-serving, Consultant Carl Izzi offers his “CMO Primer” which includes a few linchpins of the expanding world of audience buying via digital media. Carl Izzi says, ” Embrace the need for complexity.” Yes, love that marketing language – and it’s true! No more Super-Bowl-ads-for-the-CMO-and-they’re-done-for-the-year. Read it.

Tracking: Redirects Vs. Landing Page

On the TagMan blog, the author argues for the use of tracking from the landing page rather than the use of redirects: “By tracking via a redirect, the site conversion of users from this campaign was 5 in 100 (or 5%). However if tracked via a landing page the site conversion will be 5 in 90 (or 5.6%) – by tracking via a landing page, the ‘site conversion’ of these users will be higher meaning the ‘quality’ of these users are better than the quality of users tracked via a redirect.” Read more.

Etailers Selling Display

Hollis Thomases of ClickZ finds that E-tailers are beginning to sell advertising on their e-commerce websites which is a significant change from conventional thinking that advertising could distract a possible buyer from transacting. Display works – at least for sites Thomases identifies including Buy.com, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and AmericanGreetings.com. Read about it.

FetchBack On Retargeting

FetchBack CEO Chad Little offers five tips on finding a remarketing partner including “How detailed are their analytics? Are they simply emailing you reports, or are you able to look at your campaign performance at any time?” Read the other four here.

ClickForensics And AdKnowledge

In a release, ClickForensics said that AdKnowledge and its MIVA subsidiary will be adding CF’s click scoring system in an effort to improve “traffic quality for all of our advertisers in order to increase ROI and better help us target and price the best search and contextual traffic on the web,” according to a MIVA exec. Read more. With the importance of ROI and the increasing use of data to understand the value of inventory, if your network inventory is less than stellar, expect a short life span.

Lady Gaga And The Startup

Charlie O’Donnell, Entrepreneur-In-Residence at First Round Capital, says there are 5 things that startups can learn from Lady Gaga including, “Repeat the message as often as possible: ‘Pa-pa-pa-Poker Face’, ‘Ra-ma ra ma-ma.’ Read more.

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