Akamai Looking At The Internet; Learn About Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange; Mastercard Leveraging Data For Marketer Insights

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State Of The InternetAkamai Internet Traffic Report

Akamai released its 3rd quarter 2009 (it takes them a while to get the report together) “State of the Internet Report” which looks at the Internet using the lens of their edge servers which help deliver insights like “attack traffic, connection speeds, Internet penetration and broadband adoption, as well as trends seen in this data over time.” Visit the download page here.

Learning About DoubleClick Ad Exchange

If you are trying to learn more about DoubleClick Ad Exchange, this may prove useful: “Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer Program Guidelines.” Highlights include, “The Real-time Bidder is a feature of Ad Exchange that allows buyers to receive impression calls in near real time and provides a bid in response based on the buyer’s own data and information…” Learn more.

Mastercard Helping Marketers With Data

Beth Snyder Bulik of Ad Age reports that Mastercard is going to leverage the mountains of data it collects from its cardholders and make insights about consumers available to marketers similar to what American Express has already done. Known as “MasterCard Advisors Merchants Solutions,” the insights are supposed to “help marketers with prospecting, new-store placement, business strategy and planning and developing campaigns.” Its an interesting, potential fit with the online intender data such as that provided by BlueKai and the insights provided by its Pulse reports. Is BlueKai a future M&A target for Mastercard/Visa. Who knows? Read more.

Search Song Remains The Same

Experian Hitwise released the latest search engine numbers for all the big players – and there’s good news for Google – bad news for everyone else as Google’s market share increased to 72.25 in the month of December ’09. Yahoo!, Bing and Ask all declined 4%.  Read the release.

Mobile Display CTR

Mobile advertising company, Smaato, has released indexed information on how mobile advertising is performing by click-through rate across various handsets. Symbian (as in Nokia) indexes the highest, Apple’s iPhone does well and Android looks a bit under the weather. See the cool graphic on TechCrunch.

Top Web Brands

Nielsen released figures for “Top U.S. Web Brands and Site Usage: December 2009” and it reveals the top brand for “time spent” is Facebook with an average of 6 hours, 24 minutes and 17 seconds spent per unique user on the social media leader’s site. Read more.

Rich Data Model: Shipping

Paul Kedrosky points to an effective use of the rich data available for shipping (as in cargo ships) purposes. Some DSP will need this data for targeting purposes, surely! Visit Kedrosky’s post. Or, better yet, view the physics paper right here from Bernd Blasius which describes “The complex network of global cargo ship movements.”

Comscore On Ad Networks

Still more data! Comscore released its ad network figures for U.S. Uniques and Reach in December 2009. Comscore’s Jeff Hackett tells the WSJ regarding ad networks, “Ad networks continue to be a powerful mechanism for delivering a large audience online, with eight different networks reaching at least 75% of the entire U.S. online population.” Read the WSJ. And, see all the numbers in Comscore’s press release here. Microsoft Media, Collective and AudienceScience all took the biggest year-over-year jumps. Traffic Marketplace and Adconion were the only relative underperformers with slight decreases.

Why Entrepreneurs Hate Lawyers

The subhead is simple enough – note: a lawyer has made this top 10 list. At #10, according to Scott Edward Walker who guested on Venture Hacks, “Because they don’t communicate clearly or concisely.” At #9, entrepreneurs hate lawyers “Because they don’t keep me informed.” Read 1 through 8 here.

Online Real Estate Ads

MediaPost’s Mark Walsh covers a new forecast by Borrell Associates which says that in spite of the fact the Web fared better than its traditional channel counterparts, “industry ad spending on the Web is expected to contract further in 2010-by 4% — even as dollars allocated to traditional media rebound.” Read more.

The WSJ’s New Ads

The WSJ’s Emily Steele tweets that a new WSJ ad campaign has been launched: “the campaign aims to communicate the Journal’s value of going beneath the headlines and sound bites so readers can gain a deeper understanding of the facts and perspectives behind news and events.” See the campaign.

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