Addressable TV Is Not Here; Digital Agencies Leadership; Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Works

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The State of Addressable TVHow Much Longer For Addressable TV?

Andrew Hampp of Ad Age interviews David Verklin of the cable television industry’s Canoe Project, which aims to deliver addressable media for advertisers through its cable partners. It’s looking like 2010 as some partners push ahead with their own solutions while Canoe works on getting it’s technology – EBIF (Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format) – running through all cable systems. Read more.

Advertising Means Innovation

Mark Suster of GRP Partners discusses his venture firm’s recent investment in, an in-stream Twitter advertising network. Suster says that in spite of what may seem as the soiling of sacred Twitter turf, advertising only helps spawn innovation. Read more.

Ad Scammer Alert

AdAge’s Michael Learmonth looks at recent fraud in the online display advertising business due to fraudsters posing as agencies or even clients. After reviewing recent scams involving the NY Times and Gawker, Learmonth offers a list of tips on how to overcome fraudster tactics which can seem very much like “the real thing” as they disguise their nefarious goals. Read more.

Digital Agencies Can’t Lead

Ana Andjelic, who is the middle of her doctoral dissertation on digital branding according to her blog after/during assignments with AKQA and Razorfish, says that digital media agencies are not ready to lead. According to Andjelic, “they’re too busy experimenting” and “don’t know the business of marketing” to perform all the functions expected of an agency by the client-side. Read more. (source: @bmorrissey)

Leathern Says Ad Exchange Works

Rob Leathern of CPM Advisors reports from the CPM Advisors blog that after making “sure the clicktracking macros were set up correctly, our tags and tracking worked in their system,” his company has run its first campaign through the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Read more.

More Events This Week

In addition to this week’s ad:tech and OMMA shows, this Thursday, Content Revenue Strategies – “dedicated to AdSense and contextual advertising” – will be occurring at New York City’s Javits Center in partnership with ad:tech. Companies participating in panel discussions include Google, OpenX,, ContextWeb, AdSide, Peer39, CPM Advisors and AdSide among many others. For the complete schedule, click here. MediaMath reports that it’s taking part in an investor conference panel and a Right Media forum in addition to last week’s panel produced by eXelate. In Raleigh, NC, Internet Summit ’09 (see event site) brings together digital executives from across disciplines with execs from Google, Technorati and Gannett among others. Finally on Thursday in London, AdMonsters is staging its EU Leadership forum – see more.

Arrington On Offer Fraud

Click fraud, impression fraud – and now offer fraud! Tech Crunch leader Mike Arrington takes a look at the social gaming industry and what he believes are bogus offers and scams that take advantage of the consumer. Arrington believes those responsible need to be stopped. Read more.

Start A Company

Following up on a Chris Dixon argument, Jerry Neumann makes a post on his Reaction Wheel blog encouraging entrepreneurs to go forth and start a company. And before the budding entrepreneur starts-up, they should try to hook on with an early stage start-up with an experienced leader to see how things are done. Read more.

The Zappos Ad Strategy

Zappos COO/CFO, Alfred Lin, is interviewed on the Permuto blog where he reveals their secret to ad strategy: “We have always focused any advertising on an ROI basis. We are willing to try and test any vehicle. We redirect money from advertising vehicles that have below average ROI to vehicles with higher ROI. It is as simple (and as complicate) as that.” Simple enough. Read more.

Applied Attribution

On the eConsultancy blog, TagMan CEO Paul Cook looks at marketing attribution and how an “applied attribution” model trumps the last click methodology which tilts, for example, in favor of search. Cook says the key is “using a universal tag to identify the paths to conversion that exist and analysing them to develop a theory for the role you believe the different marketing channels are playing.” Read more.

Take A Walk

From his TechOps blog, Pete Emerson thinks says taking a walk is the answer when you can’t figure out the latest database integration issue. Though I can’t exactly relate, I can relate. If something comes up today and you don’t know how to solve it, try taking a walk. Read more.

KC And The Sun Life Band

Martin Agency, makers of the Geico gekko campaign, are in charge of a new campaign for insurer Sun Life. According to the Times’ Stuart Elliott, Martin has ideas on making everything Sun-ny including KC and his band. Read more. Or, visit the micro-site.