Efficient Frontier Integrates Facebook Advertising Into Platform

Efficient FrontierSearch and display ad platform provider, Efficient Frontier, has announced the integration of Facebook Ads into its platform. Efficient Frontier CEO David Karnstedt said in the press release, “While other players in the market may now provide Facebook advertising to their clients, they are not truly optimizing across the other channels to improve performance in search, display and Facebook. Our platform provides this integration – and at scale which is an industry first.” Read more.

Justin Merickel, Efficient Frontier’s vp of marketing and new business development, discussed EF’s Facebook strategy.

AdExchanger.com: What will the API partnership open up for Efficient Frontier?

JM: The API partnership with Facebook allows us to automate key aspects of Facebook marketplace advertising, like building and managing targets and bidding.  The API is also a critical piece for reporting, allowing much more flexibility in how you analyze Facebook campaign results than is available via the Facebook UI.  The additional flexibility allows marketers to more accurately identify the individual entities driving campaign success, critical information for strategic campaign expansion.

Are your clients asking for Facebook integration with your tools? Any sense of the scale of the interest on the marketer side?

The demand among our clients is extremely high.  Nearly every client is interested in developing a strong presence in Facebook.  We’ve been testing our platform with a number of clients, like Chegg, and the results have proven that Facebook can be effective for performance marketers and deliver interesting scale.

What is the unique opportunity that Facebook opens as it relates to the display advertising toolkit?

Facebook is a valuable piece of the display puzzle, and one that Efficient Frontier can access with traditional display ads via the ad exchanges.  The Facebook marketplace ads are a new and complimentary opportunity that should play a significant factor in the digital marketing mix.  We’ve already seen strong overlap between Facebook, display, and search.  Attributing success to the right channel, including Facebook, and tying attribution to bidding is critical for marketers’ success.

How are you mapping and optimizing between Facebook, display and search advertising?  Is it through landing page cookies for Facebook, display and paid search campaigns, for example?

Because we have a common platform across the three channels with universal tracking, both at the ad and advertiser site level, we seamlessly get accurate cross-channel conversion attribution.  The deep understanding of channel performance that results from our attribution, along with our predictive modeling capabilities, allows us to establish budgets and set bids accurately across search, display, and Facebook.

By John Ebbert

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