X+1’s Korner On Emerging CPG Display Ad Channel

Toby Korner is VP, Account Management at [x+1], which released a new CPG-focused product today (Release here. More here from AdWeek.)

On CPGAdExchanger.com: Why offer a CPG product? Curious your thoughts on product development for this as I assume you see identified CPG as low-hanging fruit for a reason – perhaps for brand dollars?

TK: You could say low hanging fruit for brand dollars, but also to allow the CPG players to have the same type of online presence as Ecommerce and direct marketers have enjoyed for years, even in the performance space. The ability to target based on actual purchase behavior and online behavior across the entire Internet as well as accurate measurement on the back end is a major gap that we are filling in the industry.

Talk about the tracking of offline purchases in CPG Connect. This would appear to be entirely dependent on what the client can offer to you – ideally it should be in real-time for optimization purposes, no? Is your product dependent on real-time offline transaction feedback?

The media is tightly integrated with IRI’s consumer panel data. We have anonymously matched our online data to their panel and in-store purchases. We work closely with IRI to define the consumer segment that the CPG advertiser wants to target, then integrate that with our own and 3rd party data to accurately and efficiently target consumers that look like the target audience. Post campaign, we measure the in-store impact of the exposed panelists vs. non-exposed panelists based on actual sales. In short, the client does not provide the sales impact, we bring it to the client through our integration with the panel.

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