Netmining Focused on DR And Performance Marketing For Now Says Margiloff

NetminingWill Margiloff, Chairman of Netmining and co-CEO of Innovation Interactive, discussed Netmining’s new SiteInsights product which provides audience insights for a marketer’s campaigns. Read more. Given Netmining’s terminology around “scoring,” do you see the Netmining SiteInsights platform as a solution for lead generation marketers, in particular?

WM: We are clearly focused on direct response and performance-driven marketers right now, as our solutions directly address their need to drive conversions efficiently. Of course, the scoring algorithm is totally applicable to brand marketers, as well. Netmining’s engine determines each individual’s True Interest(SM), what they want — and when and where they’ll be most likely to be receptive to the marketer’s message. This has tremendous application for brand marketers looking to deliver the most appropriate marketing messages and creative to each consumer.

Can you clarify how Netmining is facilitating its ad network? Is it through direct-to-publisher relationships which means that Netmining tags are in the publisher’s ad network stack? Do you ever buy through exchanges on behalf of your advertising clients?

Both. We are working with publishers through direct relationships and via ad exchanges. Frankly, we work with each publisher in whatever way gives us the most access to their inventory with the greatest control for both sides.

Placement is still a key targeting input for marketers it would seem – hence Netmining’s “Score Per Referral”? Are placement-focused marketers (such as lead gen-ners) ready for audience buying?

Absolutely. They understand that targeting the appropriate audience drives conversions and with Netmining SiteInsights, they are able to better understand how audiences from different sources interact with their site. That will allow them to optimize their site experience and media buying to increase conversion.

Any thoughts on transforming the SiteInsights product to address publishers’ needs?

There is no doubt these analytics would be useful for publishers. Right now, the focus is on marketers, but we are always looking for ways to improve the relationship with have with the publishers we work with.

By John Ebbert

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