Predictions for 2011: Search, Display 2011 Predictions: Search, reached out to the companies active in the search and display communities for their predictions about the digital advertising ecosystem in 2011.

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Venkat Kolluri, CEO, Chitika, Inc.

  • Mlocal (mobile and local) ad revenue will cross $1B.
  • By the end of 2011, iPad will account for over 2% of internet traffic.

Matt Lawson, VP, Marketing and Alliances, Marin Software

  • Search marketers will grapple with automation. With keyword costs continuing to climb, advertisers who rely on paid search marketing campaigns will have to push the envelope to maintain ROI levels – using more campaign automation tools to streamline keyword management, creative testing, and campaign structure.
  • Social and mobile will make marketing more complex. With consumers becoming more mobile and social, advertisers will not only have to build different campaigns for mobile apps, Facebook pages, and Google Places, but will also have to invest in new tools to measure integrated campaign performance across all these channels.
  • Google gets more social, Facebook gets serious.  Google adds sentiment analysis to organic rankings, changing the algorithm to factor in user “likes” for websites and search results.  Facebook syndicates their ad network to publishers, allowing advertisers to target users by demographic across the web.

Jason Lehmbeck, CEO, DataPop

  • 2011 will be the year of Search … yes, Search! Though many exciting things will happen in social, mobile and display the biggest sea change in 2011 will happen in Search. Search is the largest online ad channel so any significant change has a big impact on marketers. Search hasn’t changed much since Google became a verb but there are major changes taking place that will impact the scope and economics of Search while dramatically improving the consumer experience …
  • Now that the Yahoo/Bing merger is complete, Bing is the first large scale competitor with both the money and focus to significantly mix things up in old school Search.
  • Search marketing is reaching beyond the generic search box. Amazon, Quora, Kayak and many others are generating new ways for marketers to engage consumers expressing their intent.
  • Search becomes more than text. Through innovations like Google Product Ads and Search retargeting marketers will be able to engage consumers with richer creative, leading to deeper customer engagement.

Justin Merickel, VP of Marketing and New Product Development, Efficient Frontier

  • Stand-alone, display-only DSPs become the exception rather than the norm as advertisers demand tight integration with other channels including search and social.
  • Last-click and last-view attribution takes its last gasps before being put to rest, replaced by multi-event attribution models that value all ad interactions.  Intelligent attribution showcases the value of exchange buying in a mix of advertising tactics.
  • Advertisers become hyper-sensitive about their data.  Gone are the days of multiple publishers, networks and platforms all managing retargeting programs.  With the necessary reach in the exchanges, advertisers limit data-sharing to trusted partners offering full control and transparency.

Niel Robertson, CEO, Trada

  • Performance-based display advertising becomes more accessible to and effective for small businesses.
  • For years, online display advertising spend has been dominated by large brand advertisers and focused on impressions. The growing list of serious players in the performance-based display space (Google, Facebook, et al) are taking what they have learned from CPC and applying it to self-service display campaigns. Expect broader adoption of display advertising by small businesses primarily due to their comfort with the CPC pricing model.

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