Right Media Blog Makes Rare Post; Announces New Partner

Right Media Ad Exchange BlogIt would seen that the few advertising exchange blogs that exist took a summer hiatus but yesterday, Right Media's blog came alive (courtesy of Becca Bullack in Publisher Solutions?) with an announcement regarding a new ad network partner, Meta Network, which has plugged into the exchange.

For the little publisher, the Meta Network opportunity will translate into a 60% revenue share and a supersonic Net 7 payment terms. It's not clear if these payment terms are just for the month of September or, as Muhammad Ali would say, for "All Tiiiiime!"

Editor's note: Right Media and other exchanges should be posting daily on their blogs with any info they have: soft news like a new ad net partner or how-to's on buying online ad inventory. Raising the profile of advertising exchanges today brings the promise of online ad trading that much faster. Quick - somebody tell Decker!

In spite of the murkiness on Net 7 terms, the Direct Media Exchange adds a partner who claims to have online advertising for publishers with hard-to-find-an-advertiser-for audiences such as Eastern Europe, Russia, Malaysia and Singapore. That can't be all bad.


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