LiveRail On Growth Rate; Pay Up

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LiveRail On Growth Rate

LiveRail hopes to differentiate itself from video ad networks that have already gone public by its growth rate, according to TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha. LiveRail tells Ha it’s growing at a 200% run rate this year. “For LiveRail, being on pace for $100 million in revenues puts it almost on par with those who have gone before it. YuMe is expecting full-year revenue to be in a range of $154.5 million and $157.5 million, while Tremor’s full-year guidance is for between $125 million and $126 million.” Read more. An IPO in the second half of 2014 is possible, says LiveRail. And read the momentum release.

Pay Up

A study conducted by the ANA found that 43% of marketers have extended payment terms, and 57% of those who extended payments reported a strained vendor relationship. The finance department and/or procurement and purchasing were responsible for the majority of payment term changes. “While the ANA does not recommend any specific term or practice, we do advocate better collaboration that advances the quality of the marketer/supplier relationship and the products and services delivered,” says Bob Liodice, president and CEO of ANA. Read the release.

Believing In Programmatic

In a blog post, entrepreneur and new Mozilla exec Darren Herman outlines why he’s increasingly bullish about programmatic media. With more focus on business and vision over features, open innovation and accountability, programmatic is becoming a natural part of the advertising process. Herman writes, “Lastly, I’m bullish on programmatic media because we’re going outside of media for the programmatic conversation. … In some of the investment circles that I’m in, we’re discussing the businesses outside of advertising that are being transformed programmatically. This, at least to me, is very exciting.” Read the post.

Cross-Device Patent

Mobile ad company Adelphic has won a patent for “user identification on network-connected devices,” according to a press release. The list of devices includes smartphones, tablets and PCs. “Identifying users across devices and media is the foundation of data-driven audience engagement.” says Changfeng Wang, CTO and co-founder of Adelphic, in the release. “The advertising industry needs to go beyond cookies toward a mechanism that works well with existing technology and user privacy guidelines.” Read the release.

Don’t Cut Out The Middleman

Jayne Pimentel, director of demand sales at Nexage, lends her thoughts on self-serve platforms, and why they may not be necessary, echoing Joanna O’Connell’s thoughts. Pimentel’s arguments center on the cost, work flow and specialist aspects of a self-service platform, and comes out in favor of using middlemen, such as agencies, over taking it in-house. She writes, “If self-serve is your ticket to cutting costs then think about the executional layer, billing and technical aspects before you ditch your agency. If you’re providing the self-serve services — create a consulting layer. Not just a troubleshooting layer.” Read the post.

Networks Alive And Well

Ad networks aren’t dead. In fact, they’re doing just fine, according to Jeff Hirsch, CMO of CPX Interactive. In a column for MediaPost, Hirsch points to the wave of IPOs this year that featured companies operating like ad networks (Tremor, YuMe, Rocket Fuel and Criteo) as evidence for his position. He writes, “It’s time to stop pronouncing the death of the ad network and realize that not only are they here to stay — these companies provide a valuable service to both advertisers and publishers.” Read more.

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