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Twitter Boots Some Ad Networks; Google DSP Rumor Thoughts; Razorfish Talks Ad Exchanges In Annual Outlook Report


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Twitter Boots Some Ad Networks

Twitter’s COO Dick Costolo announced from the Twitter blog that the company is booting specific ad network types.  Costolo writes, “We will not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API.”   Read more on Twitter’s blog. On ClickZ’s Jack Marshall simplifies the impact: “A number of third-party networks built businesses around the practice of injecting ad messages into users’ feeds via Twitter’s API. Users effectively sell their tweets to advertisers and are reimbursed by ad networks, usually on a cost-per-click basis.” That’s now over. Read ClickZ.

Un-Associated Content

Associated Content CEO Patrick Keane may  already be thinking about his next job – outside of Yahoo! – according to Kara Swisher of All Things D.  Swisher says that Keane was left out of the acquisition PR on purpose. She writes, “The reason, according to several sources at Yahoo: Yahoo’s top execs have not yet persuaded Keane to stay after the purchase is complete.” Read more.

Tips For The Startup Pitch

VC and former derivatives trader, Fred Destin, gives entrepreneurs his best ideas on how to prepare a pitch for investors – and it doesn’t include creating a compelling business plan. Rather, make sure you have your elevator pitch  down as well as your one sentence description such as “The Ad Age For Digital.” Etc., etc.  Read more. (source: @infoarbitrage)

DataXu And Google DSP Rumors

On the DataXu blog, DataXu CEO Mike Baker quotes Jimi Hendrix and looks at recent chatter that Google might buy a DSP.  Baker writes, “This move seems sensible enough as a way for Google to shore up its exchange user interface, which even Google concedes needs more care and feeding.  But would it undermine the core value proposition of the DSP?” Read his views.

Figuring Out Online News

The NY Times David Carr looks at how online news is fighting to remain credible as significant sources of original journalism. Carr looks at MinnPost.com which is a regional digital news site in Minnesota.  Read more.


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AdWords Attribution

Google’s Inside AdWords blog announces new updates to its attribution modeling that takes into account view-through conversions.  For example, marketers using the AdWords GUI can now set look-back windows of less than 30-days.  For example, marketers may want to see a view-through conversion that occurs 7 days from when a user has been exposed to a display ad.  Read more.

Razorfish Talks Ad Exchanges

Razorfish has released its 2010 Outlook Report and includes a section on “How The Ad Exchange Ecosystem Works” with an abbreviated ecosystem map and a prediction: “While there are no hard industry estimates of the size of the ad exchange market, industry observers suggest agency trading desks, which execute deals on ad exchanges, will control $500 million in media spending in 2010.”   Read the report. And, download it (PDF).

Facebook Privacy Tumult

Mike Shields of Mediaweek reaches out to industry insiders who tell him that the brouhaha around privacy settings for Facebook will likely die down and become superfluous in time. Scott Shamberg, SVP, Critical Mass, tells Shields, “Are we worried about it? Not really. Let’s be honest; there are 500 million users there.” Read more.

I’m Not Kidding: Tony Blair, VC

Former Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair, has joined Khosla Ventures as a special advisor. The VC firm specializes in many areas ranging from Internet-related companies such as – AppNexus, AdReady and Yume – to clean tech.  Read more on Tony’s new role on PE Hub.

Hill-Holliday Hires

IPG agency, Hill-Holliday, is continuing to grow its digital side according to a release as it has hired not one, but two, SVPs. Alicia Arnold is the SVP of the agency’s digital practice and comes from interactive agency Molecular. Priya Shah is SVP, director of user experience at Hill Holliday and comes from Arnold Worldwide. Read the release.

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