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X+1’s CRM ‘Touchpoints’; Real-Time Bidding Reviewed


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With a new platform update, [x+1] is letting customers layer their CRM data over a slew of discrete channels (Facebook, display, email, apps). The key phrase here is “paid/owned integration.” From the press release: “A new data key model…can be used for paid channels such as display, FBX, mobile ads and video, as well a growing number of owned touchpoints including Facebook tabs, email, their company website, call centers, mobile apps, chat and SMS.”

RTB Mindset

On Ad Age, Quantcast’s Konrad Feldman ventures into the real-time bidding (RTB) weeds in a piece dissecting RTB benefits and pitfalls. He sees challenges to RTB buyers including – “It demands a mind-set shift from the media-buying community. A CPA-based relationship requires honest and open collaboration between buyers and sellers to set goals that are genuine and achievable. Traditionally, CPM-focused relationships involve the typical posturing, hidden information, and talking at cross-purposes that occur in any zero-sum negotiation, where one side’s gain is the other side’s loss.” Read it.

Search Ad Retargeting

Google provides a bit more color on the new search ad retargeting feature through the Google Display Network that VivaKi’s Audience On Demand unit has been trialing. VivaKi MD Marco Bertozzi had previously broken the news on his personal blog.  The DoubleClick Search blog explains, “With their search and display campaigns on a unified platform, AOD used search ad clicks as a signal in their client’s display campaigns, re-engaging users with display ads across billions of ad impressions available on global ad exchanges via DoubleClick Bid Manager” (formerly Invite Media.)  Read more.  This is a feature ad networks have been selling for a while – the difference appears to be that this is all integrated within the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform.

Programmatic Deal

There appears to be a natural disconnect between programmatic buying and direct sales, but Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at the Rubicon Project, offers a solution to more closely link the two in an interview on ExchangeWire. He says, “Rubicon is currently proposing a dealID extension standard within the OpenRTB community. We’re thrilled with the feedback and iteration so far. The next step should be an order and inventory packaging API that encompasses RTB and direct integration protocols. We believe these efforts will help the industry move forward in automating premium guaranteed.” Read about it.

Real-Time Radio

WPP’s audience buying unit Xaxis is wrapping its programmatic arms around online radio ads. The Xaxis Radio product lets advertisers add online and mobile radio buys within their overall digital media campaigns and is made possible by a deal between ad targeter eXelate and Triton to offer additional placements on online and mobile radio screens and on audio ads (but not terrestrial radio – yet).  “Xaxis Radio offers us yet another channel in which to engage audiences for our advertisers, said Xaxis CEO Brian Lesser. “We do this in the context of their overall media plan – providing full visibility and attribution across display, social, online radio and online video advertising.” Read the release.


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It’s Email, Stupid

On Digiday, Giselle Abramovich reviews underrated digital marketing tactics. Email is on the minds of several marketers including Michael Beaulieu of Wayfair who says, “While many brands today are enamored by social media and other newer marketing channels, standard email marketing, which has been around for over 20 years, is one of the most effective means of communicating your brand identity and generating sales.” Read it.

Blaming Facebook

It’s still early innings for social media, TheStreet’s Rocco Pendola says in a piece aimed at Facebook’s marketing critics. “Facebook has most of the meaningful data that could actually help determine how well its platform serves clients. No one else has that information. Moreover, there’s no such thing as an expert on social media. It’s too new. If somebody tries to tell you they’re an expert, call them a poser, because that’s what they are.” Facebook naysayer General Motors is one ostensible target here (though the company is reportedly back in talks with Facebook). More.

Unstoppable Display

Pulling from Nielsen’s Q3 ad spend report, the Nielsen Wire blog notes unstoppable display ad spend globally. “Display Internet advertising even increased in Western Europe’s beleaguered advertising market, rising 9 percent during the first three quarters of 2012. In fact, display advertising was the sole media type to experience spending growth in the region.” Read more.  Has some nice eMarketer-worthy graphics, too. And, get the report (Pay with some PII).

Doing Away With Ads…

Microsoft comms guru Tom Phillips keys off of some commercial-skipping tech introduced by DISH at CES and writes, “This may sound strange coming from a person who works in the digital advertising industry, and I am not taking sides, but I actually think we need to have a serious conversation as an industry about doing away with ads as we know them.” Heresy!  Read his ideas.

FBX: Media Buyer Revenge?

In the early days of Facebook’s Marketplace Ads, media planners capitalized first but lost their lead to search marketers, writes Chango’s Dax Hamman in a column on Search Engine Land. With the rise of FBX, he says the tables have turned. “The difference with FBX…is that you need to access the inventory through a DSP, or a company that uses DSP technology. We have discussed previously in this column about how a real-time CPM buy seems to scare off the search marketers, and so perhaps FBX is the media buyers revenge?” Read it.


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