Turn Quits Verizon ID; Facebook Hiring For Atlas

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Turn Drops ‘Respawned’ Cookies

Turn will quit using Verizon’s unique ID header (aka “zombie cookie”) in the wake of some bad press. “We have heard the concerns and are actively re-evaluating this method,” Turn chief privacy officer Max Ochoa writes in a blog post. “In the meantime, we have begun work to suspend the re-association of a Turn cookie ID with a Verizon UIDH.” Starting next month, Turn says, the company won’t “respawn” cookie IDs tied to the persistent device header. It also hints at inaccuracies in articles published by ProPublica’s Julia Angwin (of WSJ’s “What They Know” series fame) and a blog post written by Jonathan Mayer, a Stanford professor and privacy advocate. Read more.

Scaling Atlas

Facebook is aggressively staffing up in Atlas, its ad-server-and-then-some product, with more than 20 positions posted, reports WTAQ News. A closer look at Facebook’s job site turns up openings for optimization specialists, client partners, measurement specialists and product marketing managers. Two jobs are of particular note. One is a head of sales ops responsible for establishing a “rhythm of the business” around publisher ad tech and advertiser ad tech.  Another will run holding company sales. Your move, Google.

The Programmatic Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is almost upon us and, according to industry execs, ads will be more personalized. “Where it’s going to get interesting this year is the sort of interplay between programmatic and human-based [communication],” Brand Networks CEO Jamie Tedford told NBC News. Referring to “opportunistic social media,” Tedford said advertisers are working hard to link social platforms to commercials in real time. “How much of that can we make programmatic, can we tee up in advance [like] syncing tweets or posts with ad,” he pondered. More.

Reddit’s Mobile Data

An update to Reddit’s privacy policy and user agreement clarifies its use of audience data and introduces an opt-out for data collection. “We believe most of our mobile users are more willing to share information to have better experiences,” said Reddit CEO Ellen Pao in a blog post. “We are experimenting with some ad partners to see if we can provide better advertising experiences in our mobile apps.” VentureBeat has more.

Escalating Native

The New York Times is advertising at least seven jobs in its in-house native content division, Capital New York reports. The so-called T Brand Studio has been churning out branded content – last year it conceived more than 40 campaigns for the likes of Netflix and Shell. And paid posts generated a 16.5% increase in revenue during Q3 2014. Will 2015 bring the first data-driven content campaign? More.

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