Ad Tech Is Back; Programmatic Myths

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Ad Tech Is Back

Ad tech is making a comeback with investors, David Pakman points out on his blog, although it never completely went away. He notes that exchanges are currently driving a lot of ad sales and those are the companies that have investors’ heads turning. Rocket Fuel and Criteo have market caps in the billions, reinforcing the idea that those in the business of selling ads are well positioned. Read more.

Programmatic Myths

The term programmatic is still often misunderstood, so Digiday’s Jack Marshall breaks down a few of the bigger myths to clear things up. Some of the points he makes are that RTB and programmatic are not the same thing, publishers are not “outgunned” by buyers and not everything can be bought programmatically right now. Read more.

Leveraging Mobile Search

Despite not having a retail store, Lenovo noticed 20,000-30,000 mobile search queries a month for store locations. The company effectively turned Google Maps into a display ad and teamed up with local retailers that sold its products and was able to drive users to either its own site or to these stores and provided coupons as an incentive, according to Mobile Commerce Daily’s Lauren Johnson. The outcome was positive for Lenovo, which plans to expand this marketing effort to all the locations where its product is available. Read more.

New Relationships

Relationships in the online advertising world are never simple, Doug Weaver, founder and CEO of Upstream Group, points out on his blog. And they certainly aren’t monogamous. In order to not get left behind in this new age of marketing relationships, companies should be more open and have a strong point of view. Read more.

Peeking In The Amazon Box…

…and then slamming it shut!  MediaWeek’s Arif Durrani gets a teeny tiny bit closer to the notoriously secretive Amazon and talks to Lisa Utzschneider, global VP of advertising sales. Although no clear answers are given, Utzschneider does say, “I want us to run ads that we’re proud of. I want to see more advertising that is across screens but serves a purpose and that we all collectively raise our customer experience bar.” Nice. Read more.

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